Sunday, October 22, 2006

All Hallow's Eve

Over the years I have done quite a bit of research on this time of year and the American controversy over Halloween. I feel that so much of the spirituality, reverence and humble introspection has been lost through the process of Americanizing this reflective season. I have decided to create my own way of celebrating the change in weather.

The transition between summer and winter seems the best time of year to connect to God and all the earth holds. This year I created the above artistic piece to trade with the Imagination Tribe. It was the very first thing I have ever painted. It felt so amazing! I can't say enough about the power creativity holds.

As I become more in touch with my creative self I just cannot imagine a life void of creative outlets. How is it that I let myself go for so long without consciously creating, and what a disservice to myself and my family. Creativity is exhilarating!

Each year I plan to go back to the origins of Samhain, All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead. I plan to honor my ancestors. I will create in this time an opportunity for reflection, remembrance and celebration. I will not condone common Trick-or-Treating. I still cannot be okay with such an activity, but for safety's sake alone. I see no evil in this time of year and shake my head in dismay at those that do not know their own history.

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