Monday, November 30, 2009

Phase One Complete

With baby planning, Thanksgiving hosted at my home, and Christmas on the horizon it has been difficult for me to focus my thoughts long enough to even consider writing a new post. To my regular visitors, please accept my apologies. I know it has been pretty boring here with no new content. So much for my old rule of at least one new blog entry per week. My brain is just on overdrive, and if it were not for lists I would never accomplish a thing.

Seeking out cute baby clothes has been quite a pleasure. Who remembers new babies are so tiny? Have you looked at a newborn baby diaper lately? Are their butts really that small? I had to put a stop to my clothes shopping; at least for a while anyway. About the only thing this child needs in the fabric department is some more Onsies and those cute little mittens that stop their little nails from scratching their cute little faces. Other than that, I have the newborn department filled. Time to focus on other things like bottles, nipples, diapers and accessories, blankets, sheets, a monitor, and the million other things I'm not thinking of right now.

Over the years I have grown to know and love certain resale stores in the area. That is one good thing about living in such an urban setting, there are plenty to choose from. Imagine my surprise when I found the cutest little boutique style resale shop, Secret Treasures Upscale Resale, right in the neighborhood. I have managed to find over 95% of the things I have purchased so far all under this one cool, little roof. The quality of their goods is amazing, and you don't have to pick through armloads of items to find something good. It's all good. You just spend your time deciding what is cutest in your size and price range. Love it! This past Friday I found an adorable, like new bassinet for $40; a steal in my book based on the prices of the new ones. I spent the weekend rearranging our bedroom and redecorating the walls. It looks great, and I find myself staring at the bassinet hardly believing that in less than two months there will be this cute little miracle in there completely depending on me for everything.

How is it that babies can be so cute, lovable, and awe inspiring while at the same time completely terrifying? Of course, I don't mean that literally, but there are moments when I do feel a little intimidated. There is solace in knowing that my feelings are all completely normal. It is also interesting to note that this is the most relaxed I have ever been anticipating the arrival of a baby. Maybe it's the fact that I don't have to give birth. (Heaving a BIG sigh of relief!) Barring some unforeseen miracle of God, which we all know he is capable of but hope he's not planning on demonstrating, experiencing the miracle of birth is something permanently checked off of my list of things to experience in my lifetime. AMEN!

As the arrival of our beloved Avery gets closer and closer it is becoming more evident to my husband as well as myself just how different life will be with a newborn around 24/7 and completely dependent upon us for his nurturing. Pat, my husband, and Andrew, our oldest son, went to our friends' home in Big Rapids to do some hunting. When he came home he told me all about this idea he had for us this summer. Our friends would come to our home, and we would ride the motorcycles up the coast of The Thumb to those great cabins we stayed in two years ago for our anniversary. I thought it was a great idea, but I wondered how much fun it would be on the back of the motorcycle with Avery in a sling. Of course, this got a few chuckles out of both of us. The fact that we would then be new parents had completely slipped his mind. So, the original plan switched from riding up together to me driving the car with our new bundle of joy while they rode the motorcycles so that motorcycle riding would still be a fun option for the excursion. A win, win situation for all of us.

It's strange to think this time next year we will be preparing to celebrate our first Christmas with Avery. Who would have thought we would ever have that experience together? I was most certain that big landmark firsts were a thing of the past. This just goes to show that one really does never know what lies around tomorrow's corner. Life is full of wonderful experiences and opportunities when one is a willing participant in the plans of God.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good News Today

Today was the day. We had to be in for her ultrasound at 10:30 this morning. The purpose? Determine whether or not the placenta has moved out of the way of the birth canal. The previous ultrasound showed that the placenta was blocking the cervix putting both our daughter and the baby in grave danger. Praise God! The placenta has moved off to the side, so there is no more danger to either of them, and we can plan for a natural birth.

The next doctor's visit will be next Tuesday. At this visit we will discuss a birth plan. This is something that is going to require some thought, prayer, and sensitivity. It is our daughter's desire for us to take Avery immediately upon birth. Up until this point we really haven't given the birth plan too much thought or conversation, because we did not know what her delivery might entail. Of course it would be a completely different situation had we needed to go the way of a planned C-Section. Now, it looks as though things will progress normally, so we need to determine what that means for us as a family.

This is such a unique opportunity and something we never could have foreseen. There is so much to do and such little time to do it. I have been painstakingly considerate of our daughter's feelings. This means that I have not done a whole lot of preparing for the baby. She asked to not be a part of the shopping, planning, or any other aspect of the preparations. Due to the fact that she will be living in our home for another six weeks or so, I have been trying to wait to do too much in the baby department. I have purchased some clothing and things for the baby's bedroom walls, but that's about the extent of things. It's just weird to me. Anyone that knows me would see how this is just so against my nature. I am a perfectionist planner type.

I have found myself sick with a cold for the past week, and that has really slowed me down. So, last weekend I made a list of everything we will need for Avery. Wow! Who remembered that babies required so many things. Even if one takes a conservative approach to the whole development, the list is still long. It seems January will find me consumed in everything baby.

Friday, November 13, 2009

He Has a Name, and Other News

I have discovered a few things since my last post. My first consultation with our lawyer was just over a week ago. It sounds like the process should be pretty simple. Fortunately, family adoptions are very relaxed in our county. It will run about $2000 for the legal services. We have some basic documentation to gather; birth certificates and the like. There will be paperwork to fill out. We will go before the judge as a family in a very informal setting; not the court house. The most anxiety provoking part will be the home visits from Department of Human Services. Although, I have been assured that they are very nice, ever as intrusive as they may be, by a very reliable source.

There have also been some developments with the pregnancy. The baby is for sure a boy. After some research and some encouragement to name the baby from our lawyer, we have decided on Avery Thomas. Avery means counselor, wise, sage, and Thomas is in honor of the first born son that my husband's parents lost while he was still a baby. This carries on my personal tradition of connecting the children to the family through their middle names.

That's the fun part. The other developments aren't as fun. A big concern is that her placenta is covering the cervix. This is very dangerous. There is a risk of hemorrhage that could cost either or both of their lives. Another ultrasound will be performed next week to see if the placenta has moved. If it has not, we will meet with a specialist to set a date for c-section. The reason for the precaution is so that she experience no labor. Just one contraction puts their lives at risk. The goal would be to deliver the baby before labor has a chance to start. An ultrasound would be performed right before going into surgery. If the placenta has moved even at that point the c-section would be canceled, and the pregnancy would be allowed to progress naturally to and through labor and delivery.

Also, she has RH-. If you are not familiar with this pregnancy twist, being RH- means that your blood cannot mix with the baby's blood until they find out the baby's blood type. If the baby is also negative, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if the baby has positive blood, and the mother's blood mixes with the baby's blood the mother will begin to form antibodies making her womb inhospitable to future babies. A shot is given at integral points throughout the pregnancy and again after delivery if necessary. There is no risk to mom or the baby. The steps are taken to protect future babies.

We are learning a lot with this pregnancy. Oh! Harmony, the oldest grand, and myself both felt the Avery move for the first time last week. It was SO exciting! I totally forgot how equally cool and weird that is. Harmony is really coming to understand the whole situation. She told my girlfriend the other day, "Auntie is having a baby for us!" She also signed up to be the babysitter. Happily, she doesn't even care that he's a boy, and not a girl!

I have purchased some things in anticipation of the wee one, but I have to say that I've not bought that much. Pat of it is that I really don't have anywhere to put it yet. Once our daughter moves out we will be able to better prepare the home for Avery's arrival. I am really trying to honor her wishes and respect her presence. Part of that is keeping the baby hoopla at a dull roar. She asked to not be included in the preparation process. I am doing my best to respect her wishes. I do have to say that I didn't realize how much went into preparing for a baby until I searched online for a checklist. Holy cow! Babies need a lot of stuff even when you are being conservative. Maybe we'll get lucky and have a baby shower. Who knows? I do know that we will not go without. So many people have offered to give us things that we will need. God always provides, so I know I can just relax and let things take their course. It truly is a beautiful process.


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