Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sheldon Churchill and The Cheerful Flowers

As any one of you that regularly visits here must know by now, I LOVE HOMESCHOOLERS! I love homeschooling and everything about it. It is my experience that homeschoolers are awesomely creative people; children and parents alike. Homeschoolers are unique in such an awesome way, and I am so proud to have had the courage to take the path that led to homeschooling on my personal life's journey. And, might I add, the courage to have stayed the course.

Homeschooling is not for the weak or faint of heart. It is for the brave and the bold. Homeschooling requires guts and persistence. It requires trust and honesty. Homeschooling definately requires thinking outside of the box, and what could be more cool? My favorite people, of all ages, are those that think outside the box as a normal part of life. Thinking outside the box is a natural part of life for the most interesting people around in my humble opinion. Free thinkers are interesting, inventive and creative.

Where am I going with this you might wonder? Why, to Sheldon Churchill and The Cheerful Flowers, of course. This film was created by Adrian's friend Kevin Rossi and the band he has with his brother, Two-Toned Sterence. You will see his parents are even involved as actors. I love this film and think it is truly inspirational. It is an eight part series that will require some time to watch in it's entirity, but it is so worth the view! Please take the time to support some really cool homeschoolers. Watch their film and up their views on YouTube. Be inspired!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Photo Journal

I took these pictures over a week ago with the intention of sharing here. However, with the Matt Landry incident and other things going on in our life it just didn't work out that way initially. Some time has passed now, but I am managing to get on track again. Adrian, Harmony and I set out to weed the garden. Well, this was how Harmony helped:

Talk about having a monkey on your back!

Then she basked poolside!

Adrian getting rid of the weeds.

My coneflowers are amazing!
They are the size of kidding!

I love the way the sweet peas look against the fence.

The white roses are lovely again this year.

I have all kinds of sunflowers. This one is an heirloom.

Vegetables are few this year. This is a summer squash.

I believe this to be cucumber.

My poor tomato plants! I am used to them being taller than me.

The only produce I can find in the garden!

What's the story morning glory?

Rose of Sharon.

Jordan helps Great-Grandpa open his gifts.

Grandma and Grandpa look at the photo book made for his 77th!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Matt Landry Fund

The HTML code to embed the latest news broadcast is not correct. It is linking to an old broadcast. For the most current information you can visit the WXYZ website here.

Here is the information in regard to the funeral services and memorial fund for Matt Landry. Please continue to hold this family up in prayer. Maybe you'd even be willing to support the fund his family set up to help pay his funeral expenses and create a music scholarship in his name.

3:00pm - 9:00pm on Monday, August 17th
3:00pm - 9:00pm on Tuesday, August 18th
Vigil Service, 7:00pm on Tuesday, August 18th

In-state at 9:00am, Service at 9:30am on Wednesday, August 19th at:
St. Michael Catholic Church
40501 Hayes Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48313

Memorials may be made to the Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union, Attn: Matthew Landry Fund, 34826 Twenty-three Mile Rd. Chesterfield, MI 48047

Resurrection Cemetery
18201 Clinton River Road
Clinton Township, Michigan 48038

Kaul Funeral Home
35201 Garfield
Clinton Township, MI 48035

This Sunday from 6 p.m. from 2 a.m. a benefit for Matt's family will be held at the Emerald Theatre in Mount Clemens. There will be food, entertainment and a cash bar. There's a $20 donation, with proceeds going to the family.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Matt Landry - UPDATE

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - They're in shock. Family and friends of Matthew Landry are devastated by the discovery of what's believed to be his body in a burned-out house. There won't be positive identification until tomorrow, but Matt's loved ones already seem to know the heartbreaking truth.


Family members are understandably so heartbroken tonight that Matt is gone, that the 21-year-old who loved his family, his friends, music and hockey was taken from them in the most unexpected and violent way.

He disappeared on Sunday. Witnesses say they saw him being carjacked and today the body of a young man, believed to be Matt, was found in a burned-out Detroit home, shot in the head. The prime suspect is 17-year-old Ihab Masalmani. Matt's family has a wide range of emotions towards him.

As Matt's mom and dad and sisters and brothers and other relatives wait for formal and positive identification, they're doing a lot of remembering Thursday night; a lot of crying, but even some laughing. They say Matt was a wonderful young man who always made them smile.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Now, More than Ever

The family of Matt Landry has been notified that the body found in the burned out home in Detroit is that of their 21-year-old son. Now, more than ever, they are in need of our prayers and support.

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Developments continue to unfold in the discovery of a body in the area of 7 Mile and Gratiot.

The body was found inside a burned out home at Maddelein and Monarch around 10:40 a.m. A friend of the family tells Action News that the family has been told the body is that of 21-year-old Matt Landry. However, it has been transfered to the Wayne County Medical Examiner's office for final identification.

The body was found in the same area investigators found Landry's car. It appears as if he was shot, and had been left at the scene for several days. However, an exact cause of death has not yet been determined.

Landry's family was notified about the discovery shortly after it was made. They were told during a meeting with authorities in Eastpointe.

Investigators are still on the scene. They tell Action News that three people were arrested at the home earlier today. However, it was not made clear why they were taken into custody.

Stay with Action News and for the latest on this developing story.

Not Looking Good

Things are not looking so good for the young man I have been telling you about and asking for prayers. Please continue to keep his family close to your heart and in your prayers.

Missing Man - UPDATE

Matt is still missing. Here is the latest information:

Link Between Bank
Robbery, Missing Man?

Updated: Wednesday, 12 Aug 2009, 6:25 PM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 12 Aug 2009, 6:22 PM EDT

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WJBK) - Local police are investigating a possible connection between a violent bank robbery and a missing person's case. Matt Landry has been missing for three days. His car was found abandoned in Detroit, but there has been no sign of the 21-year-old.

Now, police believe they have clues in this case that link Landry's disappearance to the gunman who robbed a Flagstar Bank this week.

A man who doesn't want to be identified says he hasn't slept in days after he and his wife claim they witnessed the kidnapping and carjacking of Matt Landry in the parking lot of an Eastpointe Quiznos Sub shop. The 21-year-old Chesterfield Township man has been missing since Sunday.

"This guy was punching this other fellow in the face. Then he drug the guy by the head, a headlock" the witness said. "He wouldn't go into the trunk, so he jerked him back and pushed him back into the car and sat him down by the car and hit him really hard in the face."

He says with their victim in the back, he watched the men take off in a green Honda believed to be Landry's vehicle. Police are examining surveillance tape at the Quiznos because they believe this kidnapping/carjacking in broad daylight sparked a three day crime spree led by 17-year-old Ihab Masalmani from Flint.

From Quiznos, they headed to a Sunoco station at Seven Mile Road and Hayes in Detroit. Surveillance video shows what the gas station owner claims he saw, Masalmani walked in, bought a shirt and changed by the ATM before he used Landry's ATM card three times to pull out hundreds of dollars.

"He was acting really suspicious. He spent 15 minutes over (at) the atm," said Sadaam Alkhi.

Police say Masalmani made his next appearance Monday, caught on camera robbing a Flagstar Bank in Harrison Township. The gunman in that robbery pointed a semi-automatic handgun at a customer's head. Sources say the green car used to get away is Landry's vehicle.

"I don't know. You just pray for the best. It doesn't look good," said Landry's sister Gina Harriman.

Roseville Police finally caught up with Masalmani Tuesday after he allegedly attempted to carjack another man driving a red Honda in front of a Wal-Mart on Gratiot. Witnesses called police, who tracked him down behind the complex and arrested Masalmani on the spot.

Masalmani was arraigned in the shirt he allegedly bought at the gas station. He's been charged for the Roseville carjacking, but police are working to connect him to the other crimes.

The family of Matt Landry is just hoping he's still alive. In fact, they're taking matters into their own hands, searching areas he was last seen.

"Maybe he's beat up, tied up somewhere and we can find him alive and get him home," said family friend Bob Berugi.

Masalmani will be facing charges for the bank robbery in Harrison Township. He is being held on a two-million dollar bond for the carjacking in Roseville. It turns out he has quite an extensive criminal record and was wanted on other felonies.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Missing Man - PLEASE READ

Since I have such wonderful people that visit my blog everyday, I just know you will take the time to read this. This young man is the brother of my nieces' friend. This happened in the city where I live. You just never know if you may know something. Thank you for helping!

Police find car, atm withdrawals on account of missing man last seen Sunday in Roseville
by Jonathan Oosting |
Wednesday August 12, 2009, 6:03 AM

Police found 21-year-old Matt Landry's car in an abandoned Detroit lot. They found records of ATM withdrawals. But they haven't found Landry, who was last seen in Roseville at 2 p.m. Sunday.

"I'm scared to death," his mother told Fox 2. "I'm scared to death I'm never going to see my son again."

Roseville and Chesterfield Township police are on the case, and they discovered several ATM withdrawals from a Sunoco gas station near Hayes and Seven Mile in Detroit. Surveillance footage revealed that Landry was not the one using the card.

They also found his car behind an abandoned home near Redmond and Rossini.

On "missing" fliers they were putting up around Roseville, Landry's family described him as 5 foot 11, 155 pounds with brown hair and eyes.

If you have information, you can contact Roseville police at (586)775-2100 or Chesterfield Township police at (586)949-2322.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Should You get the Swine Flu Vaccination?

I have been a patient at McLeod Eastpointe Chiropractic for seven years now. Most of my family and some of my friends are regulars as well. When I first started there I had been diagnosed with endometriosis. This is not a fun disease. There is a lot of pain involved, and I really had no quality of life to speak of. I was miserable.

It wasn't long after I started there that my symptoms started to ease up. I started feeling better, and I wasn't so miserable. I could make plans, and I was even becoming a nicer person. Being in pain and spending so much time in bed didn't do much for my personality.

I've learned a lot over the years because of my involvement with McLeod Eastpointe Chiropractic. Spinal health is no longer a mystery to me. I understand it's importance in our overall health and immune system function. It has become so valuable to me that I don't mind the out of pocket expense each year. It is just part of our budget now. Trust me, it can be a sacrifice sometimes as we do not have health insurance. Fortunately, their rates are affordable enough for us to have all of our children attending regularly as well. I even worry about moving. Where would I get such good care? I cannot imagine life without my chiropractor.

Anyway, they have a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to, and I receive it personally. I don't always read everything in it, but sometimes something catches my eye. As some of you likely know I am very leery of vaccinations. I especially find the flu vaccine an eyebrow raiser. Not to mention some of the things that have come up under our new administration. I'm just not a trusting soul.

If you have any reservations, or even if you don't, this article shared in their newsletter is a worthwhile read:

Swine Flu Vaccine Should Not Be Given to Children in Schools

The above is the headline from a July 22, 2009 release from the National Vaccine Information Center, (NVIC). Along with this article is a video by Barbra Loe Fisher, founder and president of the non-profit NVIC, an organization designed to provide information of vaccinations to the general public.

The video and accompanying article question the safety of the vaccination based upon very limited testing. Ms. Loe Fisher also notes that since a national public health emergency was declared by officials in the U.S. Departments of Health and Homeland Security, back in April, "..drug companies, health officials and anyone who gives experimental vaccines to Americans during a declared public health emergency, (are) protected from liability if people get hurt."

In the video, Ms. Loe Fisher calls for more proof, "The National Vaccine Information Center has been a vaccine safety watchdog since 1982. We are questioning the need to turn schools into medical clinics this fall where swine flu vaccines being rushed to market will be given to children first. We are calling on the Obama Administration and state Governors to provide solid evidence to parents that it is necessary to give children experimental swine flu vaccines in schools." The original NVIC article and video can be seen at the NVIC website.

In an additional article in the August 7, 2009 Examiner, author Bill Underwood asks the question with his headline, "Is Baxter International's swine flu vaccine a godsend, a scam, or something worse?". In his article, Underwood presents the case that the vaccine company may have actually created the problems for which they have created the vaccine. He makes his case by noting, "According to reports in the mainstream media, this strain of influenza contains viral code fragments from: Human influenza, Bird Flu from North America, Swine flu from Europe, and Swine flu from Asia. For this to have been a natural combination of viral fragments, it means an infected bird from North America would have had to infect pigs in Europe, then be re-infected by those some pigs with an unlikely cross-species mutation that allowed the bird to carry it again, then that bird would have had to fly to Asia and infected pigs there, and those Asian pigs then mutated the virus once again (while preserving the European swine and bird elements) to become human transmittable, and then a human would have had to catch that virus from the Asian pigs — in Mexico!"

Other articles also quote experts who question the panic and rush surrounding the swine flu issue. British epidemiologist, Dr. Tom Jefferson, was quoted in the August 2, 2009 Pittsburgh Conservative Examiner as questioning the continual over reaction to various flu scares, "There are some people who make predictions year after year, and they get worse and worse. None of them so far have come about, and these people are still there making these predictions. For example, what happened with the bird flu, which was supposed to kill us all? Nothing. But that doesn't stop these people from always making their predictions."

I am a big proponent of educating oneself on vaccinations and at least making an informed decision. I so wish I had been better educated when my children were younger. Here are a few resources for further investigation:

National Vaccine Information Center

Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines

Vaccination Exemption Form

State of Michigan Immunization Waiver Form

World Association for Vaccine Information

It is my prayer that you will find this information beneficial and thought provoking. With something like this that has such potential to alter our life it is definitely beneficial and imperative to be educated. Knowledge truly is power.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Theft Through Inflation

This is a very interesting video series that educates on the real meaning of inflation and its impact on society.

Monday, August 03, 2009

It is Finished

Bible Mystery Investigation has come to a close. It was a long labor of love, and we had a wonderful time. The fact that God was truly in control could not have been more obvious to me. I am constantly reminded of a few lines from one of my favorite movies:

"What will we do?"

"It will all work out."


"I don't know. It's a mystery."

There were indeed parts of Bible Mystery Investigation that were a real mystery. However, with constant prayer, diligence, and a willingness to serve everything went off without a hitch. Which in and of itself is a real miracle if you think about it. What on earth do you possibly know of that just goes without a hitch and has so many factors involved?

VBS is a tremendous endeavor that takes many contributors to pull off. Everyone works together like a finely tuned machine. Each person has his or her job, and everyone is reliant on that person wearing their hat, and the hat fitting each person. Participating in VBS as a volunteer requires flexibility and dedication. We are all committed as a whole to the common goal of creating a positive experience for children, many we have never met before and may never see again, that expresses the love of Jesus and plants a seed in their hearts. It is not an endeavor that I take lightly. I truly see it as mission work for God. You did know that you can be a missionary in your own neighborhood, didn't you?

This year we tried a few different things that seemed to work out quite well. Our theme was Bible Mystery Investigation. The program covered the creation week, all seven days, and the plan of salvation. Encompassed in that was prayer and outreach. What a blessing it was for all involved! Each day the kids learned about the mysteries involved with creation and sought out answers through the stations in the program. They were literally tought how to pray, and they did a food drive for Solid Ground. We even had four of the children attend the program that are part of the Solid Ground family. It was quite an experience to be certain.

Through friendly competition the kids brought donations throughout the week. They learned about the mission of Solid Ground and earned tickets that they got to spend in our VBS store each day after snack. The group that brought the most items earned a free ice cream cone at Baskin Robbins. There was a "sneak attack" at the end, and an unsuspecting group won by THREE items!

The week culminated with a special VBS Sabbath Service and a potluck dinner where their crafts from the week were showcased. We had a lot of visitors, and it was a lot of fun! The kids participated in the service, learned more about Solid Ground. Nancy Skula spoke to the congregation. She shared a touching video that's used to promote Solid Ground. This is not the exact video, but it is the song:

It was very touching, and it sure got your attention. My heart has been tugged to Solid Ground for over a year now. I live right down the street, and pass it several times on some days. God has used me to help on more than one occasion, and I hope to continue my connection with the organization. It is a really unique program and a real blessing to the community.

Potluck was a success, and it really seemed like everyone had a wonderful time socializing and getting to know each other. We had such a large turn out that we weren't sure there would be enough food, but I prayed to God about "fishes and loaves", and all was well. We even had to add more places for people to sit!

We learned a lot running this program this year. Now, it is our ambition to extend the wonders of VBS throughout the year. We are not sure what we will do next, but we plan to stay connected with the kids. It may be a bit of a challenge since some of them did not get properly registered, but my God is able!


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