Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Henry Ford

Pat and I celebrated our anniversary a couple weeks ago by spending a weekend at The Henry Ford. It was a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Our hotel was beautiful and much like an art gallery and museum itself. The halls were lined with pictures of automobiles and period pieces. Antiques were also placed throughout. It was like a beautiful, pink palace. Our room was spacious and comfortable. The bathroom was even stocked with Bath and Body Works products.

After arriving Friday afternoon we settled in and went to dinner at the restaurant downstairs. They served local food products, and dinner was nice. Afterward we just relaxed in our room. It was a lovely evening.

Saturday morning brought our included hot breakfast at the hotel restaurant and a need for walking shoes. We spent the entire day at Greenfield Village. It never disappoints. However, one thing we did notice is that it seems much smaller when you're there with no children, and you get to enjoy every corner. We even took a ride on one of the cars there. That was an enjoyable experience that I'd never had before.

Lunch at Greenfield Village was amazing! At A Taste of History restaurant they serve all locally manufactured and grown food products. Everything was amazing. I didn't go vegetarian this time, though. I just had to try this interesting chicken dish. It was well worth it. I enjoyed every bite.

Returning to the hotel we changed into our swimsuits and relaxed in the pool area. We swam a bit and laid in the sauna. I'd not been in one of those in years, and it felt so good! I was a bit disappointed that it was a dry sauna. No pouring water on the rocks.

The next morning we headed down again for our complimentary breakfast buffet. Yummo! This time we set off to explore The Henry Ford Museum. There were so many interesting displays. I especially liked the newer farm display and freedom display. What a feeling to sit on the bus that Rosa Park made her historical decision to not give up her seat. It was also touching to go through the part of the display that taught about the suffrage movement. Heart breaking! I am ever so thankful to those women.

Sunday evening we arrived home a little wiser and well rested. What more could one ask for out of a weekend? If you ever get a chance to spend your weekend like this, the package is so worth it. What a bargain!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting it Together

Writing something new and interesting here has been on my mind, oh since my last post. I'm sure you are familiar with those times that life just kind of sucks you in, and there really isn't anything you can do about it. You just need to go with the flow. Well, I'm coming out of one of those times.

In mid-July we got some life changing news that I am not a liberty to discuss fully as of yet. After some decisions are made, then I will share the full story here. It is my hope that at least one will benefit from our experience. Be that as it may, this news just sent me into a tail spin. It blindsided me so to speak. Fortunately we had a little bit of a heads up, so we were able to process things a bit before we had to face the situation head on.

Currently, we are still facing the situation head on, but the process paralyzed me for a time. It was rather unexpected. I think I was in shock, then it was a deep depression. Fortunately, I have grown a bit over the years, and this did not freak me out as it would have years ago. Before I understood how we function I used to get terribly frightened when I would get depressed. I would fear I was going crazy, literally. I would fear I was always going to feel that way and never be able to snap out of it.

After some experience, and a bit of education, I can see depression for what it is. It really can be therapeutic in and of itself. Sometimes we just need to go through it to have clarity on the other side. Depression is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be positive and beneficial if we embrace the process. Looking back I can see a few stages that I went through. Initially it was shock, then I was depressed and didn't realize it. Next, I became aware of the fact that I was depressed and just kind of went with it. I allowed myself to process, and it was the best thing I could have done. I talked with God a lot. Then, I started to come around. Things became more clear. After intense seeking I reached out for help. Now, I am able to see things more clearly, and it is a wonderful feeling. God never disappoints. He will guide us if we desire and request his guidance. It's a beautiful thing.

Sometimes God even surprises us. Have you ever found yourself thinking, "Really, God? You want me to do what? Right now? After all this? Really?" That is where we are right now. I'm sorry I cannot say a whole lot more. Decisions still need to be made before I can move too much more forward in this area, but we are in process. It is a beautiful place to be. It took us a while to get it together enough to be in process. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Have you been there, done that? Are you there right now?

Know that God has written His Word on your heart, and he is always guiding us. Seek Him and He will lead. He will hold you up in the good times and the bad. He is always there. God never fails us. AMEN!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The First Time

Pat and I had the privilege of taking my niece to the Detroit Zoo for the first time. We took Jordan and Harmony, our granddaughter, this past Sunday. It was a lot of fun! We saw some animals that we haven't seen in previous trips, explored areas that were until then unexplored, and paid a small fortune to ride the train.

What is up with that anyway? Do you know it cost the four of us $12 to ride the train from the back of the zoo to the front of the zoo; a one-way trip behind the zoo with no real sites to see! It just blew my mind. When we used to take all seven of our kids it was a mere 50 cents. That was just a few years ago, really. At today's rates it would have cost us $27 for a quick ride from the back to the front of the zoo! How on earth could we have justified doing that? I guess three dollars is the new fifty-cents! Sad...

Anyway, despite my sticker shock at the cost of the train ride, we had a spectacular time. See for yourself:

Jordan and the Big Blue Dog!

Amphibiville is very interactive!

Everyone has to get their picture taken here!

She's trapped in a dino cage!

This feels great on a hot day!

The Arctic Zone is awesome!

The ice wall is C-O-L-D!

Harmony pushed Jordan for quite a while!

The prairie dogs are so cute!

These prairie dogs aren't too bad either!

Who knows what this is?

"I want to ride the zebra!"

The zebra.

Waiting for the train to leave.

The zoo was fun...

...for me too!

The train is loud!



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