Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our New Little Guy

Words cannot begin to convey the positive experience it has been welcoming Avery into our family. He is an amazing little guy, and I cannot imagine life without him. This has been a totally awesome experience for all of us, our entire family. You just cannot imagine the way it has brought us together.

First, let me tell you that Amie is doing wonderfully! She was a real trooper in delivery. The experience was wonderful for all of us. Pat and I were both there helping to bring him into the world. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Helping her delivery Avery was by far the best birth experience I have ever had. I felt so connected to both of them. It was a truly emotional and life changing experience for me. I actually assisted and watched as he came out. Life is SO amazing!

The poor, little guy had the cord around his neck during delivery, so he had to be taken to the nursery where he spent the next two days. It was tough having him in there and not rooming with me, but we are still praising God that he is 100% healthy. It took him a day to begin eating. I guess that's normal for babies that have had that type of experience during delivery. I've been caring for him since the beginning, and we are already bonded to each other. Is there anything better than a baby that knows you are his mommy? I don't think so!

Let me tell you how sexy it is seeing my husband in "daddy mode". This is something that we never thought we would get to experience together. What a gift! Life is different when you get to watch the person you love more than any other melt in the presence of a life shared. Oh, the power of a baby! Now, I am the only woman in a home with four other males. What a turn of events. It used to be that the women out numbered the men two to one. I have to be honest and say that I LOVE being the only lady present. It's pretty cool!

I'll post more later, but in the meantime here's a picture of our new little guy:

Is that not the cutest baby you have ever seen?
I could be just a little biased...

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Story

In preparation for Avery I did a lot of research on how to raise him in a way that he would know right from the beginning just exactly who he is. It is our desire for him to always know the truth and know that he is a special member of our family. One of the most challenging things for a child that is adopted is identity. One idea I read about was to write a story for your child about who he is and how he came to you. So, I did just that!

The idea behind the story is that even though babies cannot understand what you are saying they do learn to recognize words. By reading the story you are making the baby familiar with the words associated to his personal story. So, when you talk about it with him as he is able to understand it will be comfortable as he will already be familiar with the story.

Below you will find the story I wrote. I wrote it in a fashion that anyone could read it to him and it would make sense. I am actually going to have it printed into book format. You can do this so easily and inexpensively. It will be nice for him to have his own, special book made for him with love by his mommy. I am sharing it here as an example for others that may benefit from our experience:

Avery Thomas Smith

The moment Mommy and Daddy knew you existed they loved you. It was a warm summer’s day as Amie sat on the front porch with Daddy and Mommy to tell them that you were growing in her belly. The sun was shining making shadows on the wall as they sat together and talked. They all knew there were big decisions to be made, and what mattered most was what would be best for the baby in Amie’s belly, and that was you.

Mommy and Daddy prayed a lot. They asked God to guide them through this process. They prayed for you to be healthy and happy.

Amie knew that she wasn’t ready to be a mommy, and she knew she wanted you to be happy. So, Amie and Mommy spent a lot of time together talking and thinking about what would be best for the baby growing in her belly, and that was you.

After a while Amie and Mommy talked with Daddy. That is when Mommy and Daddy knew that they wanted to be your Mommy and Daddy. They asked Amie if she would allow them the honor of raising the baby in her belly, and that was you.

When they finished talking, Amie asked if she could think about it for a while. Who would get to be your mommy and daddy was a very important decision, and Amie wanted to make sure she took her time and gave it a lot of thought before she made the decision about who would get to raise the special baby growing in her belly, and that was you.

Mommy and Daddy prayed and prayed and prayed. They asked God to be with Amie as she thought about what was best for you and what would make you happy. Mommy and Daddy prayed for you too. They prayed that you would be healthy and that Amie would be happy to bless them with you as their child.

God answered their prayers, and Amie wrote them a letter letting them know that she loved them and she trusted them. She told them that she would love for them to be the mommy and daddy of the baby growing in her belly, and that was you.

Mommy went with Amie to all of her doctor visits and was the first one to see the baby growing in her belly, and that was you. You were so cute and so little. When the doctor told them that you were a boy Amie asked Mommy and Daddy to give you a name. Daddy was so happy and proud that you were a boy. Mommy and Daddy prayed and talked, and mommy did a lot of research.

It was important to Mommy and Daddy that you have a special name that would always remind you just how much they love you. In the fall they finally decided on the perfect name. Their baby would be Avery Thomas Smith. It is such a special name. Avery means wise, and Thomas was Daddy’s oldest brother’s name. Now, the baby growing in Amie’s belly would always know that Mommy and Daddy love him very much, and that is you!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Waiting

Our new baby is here, praise God! Mom handled delivery wonderfully, and baby is doing fine. However, this certainly hasn't been playing out the way we had longed for. Originally, mom was going to room by herself. Baby and I were going to be in another room. Well, Avery had the cord around his neck during delivery, so his temperature was up a bit. This means that he has been in the nursery since his birth, and we've not held, fed, or changed him yet.

Don't get me wrong, I am praising God that he came out just fine and healthy. It's just tough knowing the little guy is there and not being able to do anything. What a rude welcome into the world! I'm not a fan of hospitals and "official protocol" of any sort, so this is especially challenging for me. Not to mention, I didn't give birth to him myself, and he's not officially ours...yet. So, I'm not as comfortable dealing with things as I would be under normal circumstances. How is it that he's our baby, but we can't do anything? It's very frustrating.

On the other hand, he is so darned cute! Unfortunately pictures will have to wait until I am home. I have my laptop at the hospital with Internet access through their WI-FI connection, but I have no way to upload my pictures on this computer. It looks like we will not come home before tomorrow, Thursday, so you'll just have to wait until we get settled to see his cute, little face.

Please send up a few prayers for me that I will have patience and make the right decisions in regard to his care, and pray for Amie that she will make it through this process a stronger and wiser person. Thanks, everyone.

The Details:

Avery Thomas

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

7:07 p.m.

7 pounds exactly

21 inches long

...with a nice head of dark brown hair!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Just Around the Corner

We went to the first of our weekly OB visits yesterday. Doc says that her body isn't ready to deliver our little Avery yet. Praise God! I am looking forward to having him here, but I am glad to know that I have more time to finish our preparations.

I have been finding wonderful deals on things that are helping in the process of preparing our home for our new bundle of joy. Yesterday, my husband and I picked up a futon style bunk bed for our youngest son that we found through Craig's List. Rearranging his bedroom is our project for this weekend. Last weekend it was the other son's room. Tuesday, my mom helped me go through our office/music room. It was a lot of work with a lot of heavy lifting, but it delivered great reward. Tomorrow, my oldest son and I will be picking up a beautiful sleigh crib with matching changing table and a mattress that we also found on Craig's List. Avery's room is our project that will get started sometime next week.

Can you say, "sore and tired"? I am literally pooped out! I sure hope hubby and I find some time to rest and be together before we have our new addition. My birthday is tomorrow, and I was hoping to spend it relaxing. That will not be the case. I am sure glad that I took advantage of a little pocket of time that revealed itself to me yesterday and went for my free birthday burger at Ruby Tuesday's all by myself. I even had a delicious piece of blackberry cheesecake. Divine! It was a nice 45 minutes or so spent enjoying a quiet corner all by myself. I am a solitary soul, so moments like that are medicinal for me. I was replenishing.

We are praising God that our daughter and the baby are both healthy. All past concerns have been washed away. There are no medical issues to worry about. The plans are to deliver Avery naturally. Hubby and I will take responsibility for him as soon as he enters the world. It will surly be a blessed day. I'll be sure to keep you posted as things develop, lessons are learned, and pictures are taken.

Happy New Year to all!


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