Saturday, September 01, 2007

Much to Be Said

I have released a tremendous load from my shoulders. We had some big decisions that needed to be made. Information came slow, and we drug our feet. I think fear of the solution to a problem is often worse than the solution itself. Once we finally dug in and did the work required things resoved themselves quite nicely. Praise God! You would be amazed the impact this has on your spirit.

The very day I dug in and resolved the issue needing attention I was more productive than all the weeks prior. It was amazing. With such a burden lifted I was free to be myself. My mind cleared. I could think and plan and produce. It was like the fog disipated from my vision, and the view was amazing.

Pat and I have dealt with many things over the years. I have often been frustrated with myself for not learning lessons more quickly. It just might be that I have finally grown as a person. I feel weak and defeated. Maybe I am, but a great friend revealed to me the blessing that exists in such a state. When one finally admits defeat and has nothing left to give of themself God can begin his work. What better medium to create with than a blank slate?

Where I can see growth in myself most obviously is in the handling of my children. I accept my part of the responsibility in the current state of my relationship with the ones I have grown distant. Despite the pain distance may create it is often necessary for healing to begin. Children need space to grow. Sometimes we need the space as well. It is my prayer that this space will foster an even stronger bond over the passing of time.

This year has given us many challenges to face and lessons to learn. There is much to be said about rolling up your shirt sleeves and digging right in. Problems ignored grow and become overblown. Wounds fester. It is not a pretty situation for anyone to ignore the elephant in the room. Eventually that poo builds and the flies come. If left too long things stink and grow out of control. There is not much worse than a few flies in the house let alone many of them accompanied by a bad odor. No one can be at peace in such an environment.

Admit your weakness, and allow God room to work. Step back from yourself and watch what happens. Miracles do still happen. He can do amazing things with anyone. Yes, "anyone" does include you!

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