Sunday, September 12, 2010

America's Math Teacher

America's Math Teacher is an online math curriculum designed for use in both schools and homes. The concept is so effective that Rick Fisher, creator of America's Math Teacher, finds that his students are actually able to skip 7th grade math after taking his 6th grade math class.

The program can be used for all levels of math from beginner to advanced. It is especially helpful to those that may struggle with math and its concepts. Students that are behind in math typically will find themselves at level within one year of using America's Math Teacher.

The website is chock full of resources, some of which are even free. Home School Membership is available for $195 per year and can be used by multiple students within the same home. This allows parents to work with all of their students using just one math program while allowing each student to work individually at their own level and pace. If you are curios about the program and would like to explore it before purchase you are able to try it out for free.

The website is broken down into four learning sections: Learning Centers, Exercise Center, Evaluation Center, and Resource Center. In the Learning Center there are hubs for each course where video tutorials, quizzes, exercises, and final exams can be accessed. The Exercise Center is where printed exercises and review problems can be accessed downloaded for reinforcement and further practice. The Evaluation Center is where you will find pre-tests, quizzes, and final exams for each AMT course. At the Resource Center information, glossaries, and math skills games are available and kept current as new resources become available.

While our family reviewed this website it was under construction. America's Math Teacher is working feverishly to work out any remaining glitches in the system. They have a wonderful customer service department that is very prompt and helpful in their response. Had we not recently transitioned from being a homeschooling family America's Math Teacher is a website that we would have extensively explored and considered for my struggling math student.

Note: As a review blogger, I am provided a free copy of the book, curriculum or product to test and use in order to write an honest review. I receive no other compensation and the opinions I share are my own and not influenced by the company in question.


Karen and Gerard said...

I saw a math and memory system demonstrated and advertised on TV called Brainetics. It's really amazing what the kids can do. Check it out at

Tina said...

Thanks for the link, Karen. I'll check it out. We may still be in the market for something. Although, despite Adrian being "behind" in math he does seem to be warming up to Algebra rather nicely.


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