Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sprouting Soles Giveaway!

I L-O-V-E Sprouting Soles baby shoes! My daughter and I have both been fortunate to have each won a pair of her lovingly made shoes for our little ones. Avery likes his so much that they are in the washing machine right now. Here's a picture of the little guy sporting his new soles:

Here's the information on the contest:

Let the fun begin! Here's your chance to get a FREE pair of Sprouting Soles infant/toddler shoes AND a FREE reusable sandwich bag!!!! Your choice of shoes, any size, any of the below 5 shoes.

ATTENTION to ANYONE who has an infant or toddler OR perhaps your neighbor just had a baby, a lady at your church has a crawler, your neice, granddaughter, or best friend. If this is you - REGISTER!

This registration will consist of several chances to get your name entered multiple times (up to 5 entries per person):

1.) Fan my Facebook & heart my Etsy store. Heart your favorite item in my shop! Return to my Sprouting Soles Facebook site & list your first name, email address, & what item you hearted. This will get you your FIRST entry into the give away (Melissa=Versailles=melmarbrown@gmail.com).

2.) Paste link (below) on your Facebook & come back posting a link. This will get you

your SECOND entry into the drawing. (don't forget to tell me who you are)


3) Mention this give away & link (above) on your Tweet & come back posting a link. This will get you a THRID entry.

4.) Mention this give away & link (above) on your Blog or on someone elses blog & come back posting a link. This will get you a FOURTH entry.

5.) Mention this give away & post the link (above) on a friend's page & come back posting the link to their page. This will get you a FIFTH entry.

Obviously the more you do the more chances you have of winning! Good luck to all!

I will announce the winner Friday, November 5th via email & on Facebook.


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Eric Castelli

Erica said...

Its soo cute :-)

Tina said...

Thanks, Erica!

Will do, Eric!


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