Saturday, September 08, 2012

It's Just Weird

Those of you that have big families know that there are certain things that are just unique to being a large family.  Since our family has been steadily downsizing I have been noticing things changing, and it is just weird.

It's weird that...

...I am actually considering not renewing my Sam's Club and Costco memberships.

...I have to keep all produce in the refrigerator so it keeps fresh long enough for us to eat it.

...I have room to keep all of my produce, including fruit, in my refrigerator.

...there are often TWO spare seats in our vehicle when we travel somewhere.

...we can all go somewhere in ONE normal sized vehicle. is quiet in my home way more often than it is noisy. costs just as much to feed our family of three as it did when we were a family of nine.

...there are leftovers when I make an 8 x 8 pan of lasagna.

...I can feed my entire family with just one 8 x 8 pan of anything! for three is more challenging than cooking for nine.

...there are NO teenagers living in my house.

...we now have two extra phones and no land line.

...paper lunch sacks have officially disappeared from my cupboards.

...we create as many dirty dishes in a week as we used to in a day.

...I can go two or three days without doing dishes at all, and it's no big deal.

...not having a dishwasher doesn't even matter.

...a package of 100 paper plates lasts over a month.

...there are several extra chairs at the dinner table.

...I officially have more grandchildren than I do children.

...we have five bedrooms and one child.

...there is actually a shortage of bed linens.  What happened to all that bedding, anyway?

...sometimes it is cheaper to eat out than it is to eat in.

...I actually have to throw food in the freezer to prevent it from spoiling because we don't eat it quickly enough.

...the same amount of animals live in our home as people.

...toiletries last forever, and I do not have to purchase industrial sizes of anything!

...we have one son in the Navy, one at Wayne State, and one in diapers.

I am sure there are plenty more things to add to this list, but these are the things I've noticed so far.  More and more differences between then and now become apparent as time presses on.

I really is just weird.



Pearl said...

I am loving your stories, your blog, your family! We only have a son and he's 9. Oh, I'd love to have another baby, if God won't give us anymore by conceiving, maybe He will give us another baby through adoption. I don't know.
You must miss your big babies now. Thanks for sharing!

Tina Smith said...

Thank you for you kind comment, Pearl. What a blessing to have so much love to give and to actually have a son to share it with. I am certain God has a plan for you. We are currently going with the flow in regard to children and the future. My husband and I actually looked into fostering, but we decided that it wasn't where God was leading us. We see other things on the horizon, and it is exciting. Life is so much more fun when we actually allow God to lead, isn't it?

Pearl said...

You are so right, Tina. We, too, are praying for God's will in our family. I am looking forward to reading more of your stories, about your children and your new place. Have a nice week ahead:-)


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