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Teaching Origins Objectively - A Review

New Liberty Videos Review

New Liberty Videos Review
New Liberty Videos presents a compelling collection of information, compiled from over twenty hours of recorded expert testimony, on the importance of teaching origins and evolution objectively in the public school classroom through the Teaching Origins Objectively DVD.  Many well educated perspectives are shared within the two hour compilation providing a thorough understanding of the importance, and glaring absence, of unbiased discussion within the public education system.  I found the discussion fascinating, compelling, and even disheartening.  Why is it that within such an "advanced" culture we are so closed minded when it comes to open discussion of origins and evolution?  This is truly a fascinating topic.  Why the dishonesty?  Why is it forbidden to discuss openly the evidence that both supports and challenges the theory of evolution?  This is highly intriguing to me.

As I viewed Teaching Origins Objectively the second time around I found myself noting many various, valid points presented by the attending experts.  My personal notes amounted to over ten pages of compelling information and fascinating resources shared by the  expert participants.  I will surely view the DVD a few more times as well as review my notes and follow up on some of the resources I noted.  The two times that I've already viewed this well put together documentary has sparked a desire for me to learn more on the subject of origins and evolution so that I can have a more rounded understanding of the science involved with this topic.

The only thing missing was expert presentation from the Theistic Evolutionists.  They were absent intentionally, barring an attorney that spoke at the end for two hours and forbid any questions in direct violation of the forum agreement, due to an orchestrated boycott of the hearings.  This behavior is eyebrow raising at the very least.  Personally, I find it rather alarming behavior.  When a group of professionals resorts to name calling and strategic, dishonest maneuvering we should pay even closer attention and seriously consider what the purpose of that group really is.

As a parent and grandparent it is more important to me than I ever discerned possible that the education provided our children be as unbiased as possible.  It is important to me that children be taught critical thinking and allowed to practice the process within the educational framework of which they are a student.  So much is to be gained from educated discussion, and so much is to be lost when valid and important pieces of information are missing and/or manipulated out of educational text.  If we were more educated as parents and grandparents perhaps the education of future generations would be provided on a more solid foundation.

One fascinating expert who testified was a Muslim journalist from Istanbul, Turkey.  He shared an Eastern perspective on the Western lifestyle, and why what we teach on origins and evolution has such vast implications on our reputation on the other side of the world.  Honestly, it never occurred to me that the widespread hatred of the Western World could be based on the perception that our society is completely materialistic and poisoned by the ideology of materialism.  He shared a quote that resonated with me, "In China you can criticize Darwin and not the government.  In America you can criticize the government and not Darwin."  Something IS wrong with this picture.

Through Teaching Origins Objectively one gains a more clear perspective of the challenge the public educator faces on a daily basis to provide an unbiased education in regard to origins and evolution.  When an educator's job is at risk by simply allowing students to discuss intelligently within the structure of the classroom the intricacies of evolutionary science we, the general public, should be concerned.  This compelling documentary is an excellent resource for anyone even remotely interested in learning more about origins and evolution and its role in the science industry as well as public education.  A copy can be purchased for $19.95 from New Liberty Videos.  For those of you, like me, that rely on subtitles there are none present on this DVD.

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