Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What Are You Plugged In To?

Today started with an object lesson for me. As I previously mentioned, I had a virus on my computer. Well, I am not finished suffering the consequences of having my computer inflicted. One of the things that didn't work when I got the computer back from my beloved computer guy was the sound.

When I first checked it out there were no devices installed, so it was impossible to get sound. I reinstalled the device very easily, and it looked like everything was working fine. I told my computer geek son that it was all set. Well, he soon let me know that indeed the sound was still not working. Feeling a little frustration and a small sense of urgency I added it to my list of things to take care of.

Looking at the sound was on my mind when I got on the computer this morning. So, I did a few things, then I went into the sound part of my computer and started poking around. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I wasn't totally sure of the location I selected to plug in the speakers to the computer when I had hooked everything back up. The colors are a little off, and it is near impossible for me to see the little pictures etched next to the receptacles without a flashlight; which I did not have when I set everything back up.

Taking the prompt that was put in my mind, I turned on my Pandora Radio. Then, I got under the desk and started moving the plug from one receptacle to another. Sure enough, when I had the plug in the proper spot, out came the sound.

This became an object lesson for me real quick like. It is SO VERY important to know what we are plugging ourselves into. It is equally important, if not more so, to be plugged in to the proper receptacle in order to get positive results in our lives.

Are you plugged in to healthy and fruitful resources and activities? Where do you choose to invest your resources? Are you using your talents and skills to reflect a positive light? Do you take the time to really think before you act? Have you done the necessary research before making your decision? Did you really see the receptacle you were plugging into, or did you just jab in the dark? What result did you get?

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