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Go Science DVD Review

Go Science Review
The kids and I had a wonderful opportunity to review two of the Go Science DVD's in their seven DVD series.  Library and Educational Services, LLC has put together a wonderful collection of science experiments in action with Ben Roy's Go Science demonstrations.  Ben has tremendous experience in the field of science with past endeavors including director of a news channel science theater, producer of science lessons for the Weather Channel,, and a Christian satellite broadcasting network.  Currently, he is a university science methods teacher.

Ben's enthusiasm for science is evident, and his experiments capture the attention of the children all the while using each demonstration to point them to our creator.  Each DVD consists of live experiments played out by children from the studio audience.  Ben interacts directly with the children and even connects with the children at home.  All of the experiments performed are ones that can easily be replicated at home.  Some are a little more involved than others, but for the most part they are simple opportunities to explore the wonders of science with children of all ages.  The series is directed toward the 4-12 age group, but my three year old was fascinated by some of the experiments and has enjoyed the hands on activities we have tried at home.  Children older than 12 would likely find some of the experiments enjoyable and fascinating as well making this a perfect resource for homeschools that consist of children across a wide age span.

Go Science Review
The kids and I chose to try one experiment from each of the two DVD's we received.  It is summer here in SE Michigan, and it has been quite humid.  With this in mind we just had to try making our own centrifuge from the Volume Two - Life Science and Weather DVD.  What kid could pass up the opportunity to get themselves wet, and even splatter their siblings, all in the name of science?  The supply list consisted of wooden skewers, plastic drinking straws, tape, and containers to hold water; enough of each for each child to have one.  I assembled the individual centrifuges for each child quickly and easily.  They sat on the front porch and proceeded to have lots of laughs.  Here was the end result:

You may notice Avery wearing sunglasses in the last frame there.  He didn't like the water getting in his eyes.  Safety glasses are consistently used by the participants in the DVD series.  So, Avery said, "Wait a minute mom.  I need my safety glasses!"  He learned the importance and value of protecting his eyes through the viewing of these two DVD's just one time.  What a valuable lesson!

Go Science Review
The second experiment we tried was the "Naked Egg" from the Volume Seven - Engineering, Design, and Flight DVD.  It's a super simple experiment that allows you to see inside the egg.  How cool is that?  The only thing required is a jar, vinegar, and an egg.  You place the egg in the jar, cover with vinegar, and allow it to sit.  After just one day we began seeing a difference in our egg.  We do use farm fresh eggs, and I think that makes a difference in time compared to a store bought egg.  (Maybe there's another experiment in our future on this topic!)  Here is our egg on Day 1 when we first put it in the vinegar:

We are now on Day 4.  The shell is dissolving, and the egg is rubbery to the touch.  You can see that the shell is still there, but is coming off.  This is what it looks like today:

The kids and I are all enjoying the process of watching the egg change, feeling the new texture, and the little ones always turn their noses up at the smell of the vinegar.  It's a complete sensory experience!  

We will continue to use these DVD's throughout our homeschool journey and will very likely add to the collection.  If I could change anything about the DVD's it would be to include a list of the experiments and required supplies inside the case with the DVD.  That would make planning a lot easier.  However, the complete list of included experiments is on the website in the product description when you order the DVD's.  We will be exploring the actual Go Science website referenced on the back of the DVD's for further information, kits and materials.  

Go Science Review
Libraray and Educational Services, LLC and the Go Science DVD series is a wonderful new resource for our family.  The DVD's can be purchased individually for $8.97, or the entire second series can be purchased for $59.82 at 40% off list price.  The kids and I will certainly be enjoying this series for many years to come!

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