Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our Week at the Fair

The Midway at Sunset

Since moving to our new home just under three years ago (Seriously, where does the time go?) we have developed a new tradition.  The county fair grounds are right near our house.  We ride our bikes there, have homeschool park days there, and enjoy events and activities held there year round.  However, there is one week each year that we really look forward to.  The last full week in July gets busy in our neighborhood. The St. Clair County 4-H Fair comes to town.  The Skerbeck Carnival pulls in, and scores of 4-H members set up camp.  It's amazing to watch the park transform into this beautifully functioning city of sorts.  There is more that goes on there than we are able to participate in, despite our best efforts.

The Sings at Sunset
This year marked the third summer we've spent at the fair, and it held many new experiences for us.  We actually participated in the Scavenger Hunt hosted by the St. Clair County Library System.  The area they set up in the Welcome Center is a refreshing oasis for those of us with young children.  There are puzzles, games, crafts, books, bathrooms, and air conditioning.  What more could a mom ask for after spending a long day on her feet in the hot sun than a cool place to rest while the kids unwind with some quiet activity.  Seriously, whoever thought up this idea is a genius in my book, and I thank them heartily.  The library oasis was made even a little more sweet this year when I received a phone call this past Monday morning asking, "Is this Annabella's mom?"  Talk about weird to hear that on the other end of the phone.  She won an awesome Little Critter gift pack in the Scavenger Hunt drawing which we will pick up next Tuesday on our regularly scheduled visit to the library.  How exciting for her!

Annabella cooling off with an A-B-C puzzle.

Avery loved the farm toys!

Harmony creating a farm scene.

Make a Wish!
The fair is always a little extra special for Harmony as it is always held the week of her birthday.  It's like one giant celebration all week in her honor.  Not really, but what memories she'll have for the rest of her life.  If only it were so exciting around here in January!  I love, love, love that they have a dollar day for the kids.  All rides are one dollar from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on one special day of the fair.  That is the only time we ride rides, and how exciting for me to realize that my little kids are not so little any more.  There are "big kid" rides that they can ride with me.  Wow!  How did that happen?

Avery on the Carousel

Annabella on the Carousel

Harmony with my niece, Jordan, on the carousel.

Me riding with Avery as his friend, Justin, drove the car.

The first night was the rodeo.  Flying Star Rodeo put on a wonderful performance.  It was so refreshing to me to be at a public event that opened with prayer followed by the Star Spangled Banner.  The kids loved it! Avery played cowboy with his jump rope as a lasso for the rest of the week.  Super cute!

A Cowboy Welcome

Country Pride

The Clown

Bucking Bronco

Maybe the biggest highlight for our family was when Avery got to participate in the Power Wheels Race on Saturday night.  What fun!  He did great coming in 3rd Place making the cut to participate in the final race.  He was slowed down, and didn't place, when his wheels got caked up with mud.  He was super bummed, but he enjoyed the experience greatly.  I sure hope we can get our hands on another vehicle so that Bella can do it with him next year.  It was precious listening to her cheer him on.

He's wearing the red helmet.

More fair fun:

Daddy having fun with the wee ones.

Papa and Harmony


Michele said...

Oh, how we love county fairs and such! A great way to get a new community, and a great way to expose kids to all kinds of new things. Looks like they had so much fun!

3gigglygirlsathome said...

It looks like such fun! Make me want our fair to arrive even faster. We will definitely have to go this year. - Lori H

annette @ A Net In Time said...

the power wheels race looked like a lot of fun. Good job on Avery getting through his heat to race in the final.

Tina Smith said...

Thanks, ladies! It was a lot of fun. The fair is definitely on the top of my list of favorite things about where we live. It's the perfect family tradition.


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