Thursday, March 05, 2015

5 on the Fifth - March 2015

In February the kids and I were blessed to have participated in a 50 States Fun Swap that I just happened to discover through Facebook.  It was a really fun experience, and it renewed in me a love and appreciation for the state I've spent pretty much my entire life living in.  Michigan is a beautiful place to live.  The Great Lakes are gorgeous, and I am SO thankful to live a short 20 minute drive from Lake Huron.  The kids and I have a ton of fun exploring our area, and we look forward to venturing out as they grow and exploring more and more of the state we call home.  I thought I'd share just a small sampling of the blogs I discovered in my quest to find interesting bits to share with the people we sent our state information; seven in the trade, plus one friend in Georgia, and another friend in England.  We added our two friends just for fun.  In the trade we sent seven packages of information in anticipation of receiving seven in return.  Currently we have received five envelopes; Maine, South Carolina, Kentucky, Wyoming, and Missouri.  I hope you find our Michigan adventure fun and interesting as well.

In Michigan apples are HUGE.  It's a big deal when they come into season, and I just cannot imagine fall without a trip to the apple orchard.  The cider is amazing, and the donuts. donuts!  Beyond incredible.  I grew up canning applesauce with my mom and grandma.  Somehow I managed to get tunnel vision with apples.  You know, making the typical applesauce, apple pie, apple crisp, and applesauce, and apple pie, and apple crisp.  What was I thinking?  There are a bounty of amazing recipes out there, and this blog on the Michigan Apples website has plenty to stimulate your apple cooking creativity.  Enjoy!

I love photography!  I love nature photography above all, and Greg Kretovic shares his stunning photographs of Michigan's Upper Peninsula on his blog, Michigan Nature Photos.  The photography is gorgeous, and his captions are a wonderful way to learn a little more about the state of Michigan.  His photos alone are inspiration enough to get out and explore Michigan.  If I could move anywhere in the world it would likely be Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  If you've never been there, you seriously have no idea what you are missing.  As soon as I cross that bridge I never want to return home.  It wouldn't take much to twist my arm to stay there.

I love coney dogs!  There is nothing like a Michigan Coney Dog.  Nothing.  The sauce is quite unique, and everyone has an opinion on what's the best.  Personally, nothing compares to Gus' chili at Mt. Clemens Coney Island.  I have never had anything that I liked nearly as well.  I have not made it at home that even comes close.  However, the recipe at Winner Dinners seems to come pretty close to keeping with the tradition.  Any of my family members that visit from out of state always go out of their way to get a Coney Dog.  Traditionally they are served with chopped white onion and yellow mustard.  How the dogs are prepared is another personal matter, but the buns are always steamed.  If you've never had one, you just might want to give this recipe a try.

The kids and I were excited to find this idea at Child Central Station for creating a map of Michigan.  We each made a few so that we had one to include in each packet.  We marked the map accordingly to show where we live and added the bridge.  It was fun to read about their life in Marquette and compare it to where we live in the lower peninsula.  We included the capital on our map as well.  The kids really enjoyed making this map.  It's a fun craft for anyone to do whether or not you live in Michigan.

You can't think of Michigan without thinking of mittens.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to try this cool craft by Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas, but it is in my back pocket for next year.  I have never experimented with salt and painting, and I am thoroughly intrigued.  This really looks like a lot of fun, plus there's spray bottles involved!  Need I say more?

5 on the Fifth


annette @ a net in time said...

the mittens craft looks rather neat! :)

Tina Smith said...

Doesn't it? We have never used salt in watercolor painting, but we will for sure be trying the method out. Looks like a lot of fun.

raventhreads said...

I do really like the Michigan handprint craft for a map. I had a couple of friends from Michigan using their hands to show each other what part of Michigan they were from when they first met last year :-D

Tina Smith said...

The kids and I had a lot of fun making the handprint map craft. I'll have to get around to sharing our experience participating in the 50 States Fun Swap. Being able to point to your hand and show where you live is a rather unique ability. ;)

Callie Domingues said...

What a fun post! So many cool things to do for school, I must find this for Georgia! Thanks for sharing.


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