Saturday, August 23, 2008

Interrupted by Virus

Just a quick post to say that first I was interrupted by life, and now I am interrupted by a virus. This is not the first time in my life, and I hope I do not loose too much. My boys are Online a lot, and one of them accidentally downloaded some pushy program. It seems to have caused some problems even though it was removed from our computer.

As soon as I know the virus name and the details I will be sure to share the information here.

This week I will be hosting a yard sale. Yes, for those of you that have been following around, I actually took the plunge. You would not believe the amount of stuff exiting my garage. My mom, organizational goddess, came down for the day on Thursday and gave me a BIG hand. We spent 10 hours in the garage minus a short lunch break. Then, Friday I organized and priced stuff and got it on tables. Now, I just have to get it all out early Sunday morning and get the signs out. I will be glad when this is over, for sure.

What a feeling to know that my garage will no longer harbor ANY of the items I am removing from it in the morning!

Have a wonderful week, and I will start posting again soon. Meanwhile, maybe you'd like to spend some time browsing the archives.

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