Sunday, August 03, 2008

Running on Empty

I have been so busy that I feel just exhausted! There has not been a weekend in I don't know how long that wasn't fully booked, and my dance card is still full! I am holding out for next Sunday. At this point there is nothing on the calendar. The square is clean, and I plan to keep it that way.

I have a few things in mind for next week to help me gain back some of my energy and reduce the bags under my eyes. This summer was SO hectic that we never even planned or took a vacation. For the most part we usually camp here in Michigan. It's been a tradition for years that we go three times in the summer, and I am really missing it this year. We only have three at home now, and their summer was so busy, and dates were not determined until summer was here, that I just didn't bother planning anything. Now, summer is about gone, and fall is filling up. That is when I thought I'd sneak a week in. No go...

Anyway, back to my plans of rejuvenation. This coming Sunday I am going to putts around the house tending to my garden and just doing whatever feels right. Next Thursday I am secretly heading out for a massage at my massage therapist's new business. She's on her own now. How exciting is that? The the following Sunday I am headed to our old pop-up trainer that we put on our friend's property. They have 10 acres and we do a Girl's Night a few times a year. I am SO looking forward to seeing what she's done with the camper. She's been slowly redoing the inside and using it for meditation. We're going to hang out, eat yummy food, and relax. Hopefully, I'll get some cool pictures while I'm out there.

What do you all do to restore when you need it? Have you figured out the benefits of taking some time for yourself; especially you moms? I am so glad I quit beating myself up years ago and started taking time throughout the year to do what I need to be a better me, and I cannot wait for next week!

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Cre8passion said...

I hear ya. This summer went by too quickly for me too! I don't have kids yet but many nieces and nephews! Enjoy the rest of your summer.


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