Sunday, August 03, 2008

New Non-Corporate Video Site!

Do you like to watch videos created by other people Online? Perhaps you enjoy creating them yourself. Are you someone like me that would rather do just about anything you can to support something that is more homespun than an evil corporate entity? Have I got a find for you!

My boys love things like YouTube, probably because that's all they know. Personally, I love anything that I can support that is not corporate based. Viddiction is the solution. I discovered their site this morning, and you can tell that they're there for the little guy as soon as their page comes up.

Viddiction is unique in a few ways. You'll never find a video with a CNN, MTV, or Oprah tag line on it. ALL of the videos are USER CREATED, and NO corporate anything is allowed. Everything is original material. You can even enter contests to earn money for your submissions!

Yes, that's right. You can cash for videos that you create and submit through Viddiction. Is that awesome, or what? Viddiction hosts monthly contests paying out $1000 in cash rewards to members that enter earning prizes from $50 to $500 for their winning submissions. Maybe my boys will start using their digital video recorders they wanted so badly last Christmas!

I love the submission from Marcus Sykes where he Performs a Piece from the ever controversial play Othello, by William Shakespeare. It is titled, Shakespeare in the Ghetto, and is worth a view. Heck, he'll even gain points toward winning the monthly contest if you take the time to stop by and check it out. That's how easy it is to win. Just get enough people to view your video, and get a Pay Pal deposit for your winning entry.

Take some time, and check out the Viddiction site. You will know right away that you've discovered a homey place to view and publish videos as well as submit entries for cash money. They do have a code of conduct that you would surely want to review upon joining. The guidelines are easy and relevant. You'll find no silly high school gum chewing rules here.

Sponsored by Viddiction

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