Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Photo Journal

Quite a lot has happened over the past several months, and I've been a few places. So, I thought it would be fun to share a post of pictures. I hope you enjoy them!

Harmony and Pat flying the dragon kite.

Woodpecker on the feeder at Camp Au Sable's Nature Center.

Bird eating seed at Camp Au Sable's Nature Center.

A moon shot from my backyard.

Papa and Kiley having fun!

A serene place to relax at Camp Au Sable.

The three mile boardwalk at Camp Au Sable.

A goose caught feeding through the frame of a downed tree.

Red Squirrels love Camp Au Sable!

Hubby and his buddy building my new porch.

I love my new porch! I'll have to share a picture of it all dressed up.

Harmony watching Dustin open his birthday present.

Dustin blowing bubbles.

My beautiful niece, Jordan, with my cousin,
Sebastian, in the background.

My grandma and grandpa celebrate 60 years!


My mom with Sebastian (nephew), Jordan (grandchild),
and Harmony (great grandchild)

Five generations!

Adrian playing guitar in the amphitheater with his dad.


Joe-ann said...

great photos! nothing really beats from the happiness you get from just being with your love ones.

Tina said...

You couldn't be more spot on!

Dorothy L said...

What beautiful photos...I was going through them and with each one I found something I liked as much as the other...so I favor them all:)

Tina said...

Dorothy - What a compliment! I am so glad you found something worthy in each. It was a challenge for me to pick so few to share. I just LOVE pictures!

Over The Top Aprons said...

Great pictures; a lot of happiness.

Tina said...

Thanks be to God!

Darwin said...

Nice photos.. Hope u enjoyed well :)

Tina said...

Darwin - Thank you! I did VERY much.


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