Friday, June 05, 2009

200th Post!

Back in June of 2006 I started this blog as a personal outlet without the intention of never making it public or having any real vision for the future. I have to say that it has been an amazing journey that has broadened my view of the world in a way I could have never imagined. Blogging has enriched my life. I have "met" new people, shared new experiences, traveled the globe, and become a part of a community that I didn't even know existed three years ago.

This journey has seen me through many changes in my life. I've gone from a house full of children to less than half of them at home. Where I was once a mere mother, I am now a Nana. Our family size has almost doubled thanks to the births of our six grandchildren in the past three years. We've ended a business, lost both of our fathers, seen our way through illnesses, fought our way through joblessness, and headed back into business. My life is always a whirlwind, and it is a pleasure to share our experiences here.

It is always amazing to see how God works in our lives. What started out as a selfish, personal journey has become a trip shared with the world. I can think of no better way to share and learn about what is most important in life than through this wonderful medium.

Thank you to those of you that frequent here. I look forward to a lasting relationship in this wonderful and growing community. May we continue to laugh, cry, learn, and grow together. Blessings to all.


Dorothy L said...

We are definitely one big family of intelligent, talented, creative people, kind, and very fun here.
I have yet to run into one blogger that I have not enjoyed sharing with!

Have a very nice day!

Tina said...

It really is a wonderful experience.

Lola said...

Congratulations on #200!

Tina said...

Lola - Thank you! Thank you very much.


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