Monday, June 29, 2009

Feline Photo Shoots

Inspired by the feline blogs that frequent The Zoo Crew I decided to do my own photo shoot with our two resident fuzzies. We have one indoor resident, and we have one outdoor resident. Let me introduce them to you:

This is Boots. He lives on the second floor of our home and rarely ventures downstairs.

This is his "Don't I look thinner from this angle?" pose.

What a guy he is!

"Yeah, Garfield is my hero! So, what of it?"

Midnight basking in the sun on the new porch. She's our resident outdoor feline.

"Don't I look good on my new furniture?"

"I just know a bird will land here soon!"

"I knew they loved me! A new porch and new furniture just for me!"

I have to hand it to the kitty cat bloggers. Feline photo shoots are challenging. A little history on our kitties. Boots was inherited from our daughter, and we have no idea how old he is. Ever since we got him he has stayed upstairs only venturing to the first floor if he knows the dogs are outside or in our bedroom for the night. Which doesn't make a lot of sense to me as he will lay on our bed with the dog at night. Go figure! He's VERY lovable and affectionate and eats like a horse, and he weighs more than our Tibetan Spaniel, Lucky.

Midnight is our outdoor kitty. She used to live indoors, but she developed some bad habits that gave us no choice but to relocate her to the yard. Don't feel bad for her. She has it made! We acquired a cat house through Freecycle for her before winter, and she honestly thinks that we built the new front porch just for her! She won't even move on the couch when you try to sit down. I think that picture of her smiling says it all! Another interesting tidbit is that she has six toes on all four of her feet. It looks like she has thumbs. She's about five years old judging by the age of my son when he rescued her as a stray.


Duni said...

Your kitties are adorable!
Boots is just like our Sammy :)

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I loved reading about your kitties and seeing their photos. You mean you didn't build that front porch just for your cat? Since we got our dog, Manny spends most of the day upstairs too. I'm not going to force him to come down. He comes when he feels like it. Maybe in time he'll come down more and more.

Tina said...

Duni - Thank you!

Karen - I know! Can you believe it? The thing about Boots is that we've had him for years. I think he just likes it up there. He really is a Garfield wannabe!

Mason said...

Yep, you've hit on something with this cat business! I've mad a few posts myself about cats. They seem to rule the blogosphere!

Blogger Rise said...

so cute

Tina said...

Mason - Maybe they're trying to take over the world one blog at a time!

Blogger Rise - Why, thank you!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I've always wanted a screened in porch, but I'm sure our cats would overtake it too, and there would be no room for us!

Tina said...

Storm - It's not screened, but Midnight lives outside. I don't think she could be happier. However, I'm not sure what she'll think when winter hits and she has to move to her winter home on the back deck! :-)


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