Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Henry Ford

Pat and I celebrated our anniversary a couple weeks ago by spending a weekend at The Henry Ford. It was a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Our hotel was beautiful and much like an art gallery and museum itself. The halls were lined with pictures of automobiles and period pieces. Antiques were also placed throughout. It was like a beautiful, pink palace. Our room was spacious and comfortable. The bathroom was even stocked with Bath and Body Works products.

After arriving Friday afternoon we settled in and went to dinner at the restaurant downstairs. They served local food products, and dinner was nice. Afterward we just relaxed in our room. It was a lovely evening.

Saturday morning brought our included hot breakfast at the hotel restaurant and a need for walking shoes. We spent the entire day at Greenfield Village. It never disappoints. However, one thing we did notice is that it seems much smaller when you're there with no children, and you get to enjoy every corner. We even took a ride on one of the cars there. That was an enjoyable experience that I'd never had before.

Lunch at Greenfield Village was amazing! At A Taste of History restaurant they serve all locally manufactured and grown food products. Everything was amazing. I didn't go vegetarian this time, though. I just had to try this interesting chicken dish. It was well worth it. I enjoyed every bite.

Returning to the hotel we changed into our swimsuits and relaxed in the pool area. We swam a bit and laid in the sauna. I'd not been in one of those in years, and it felt so good! I was a bit disappointed that it was a dry sauna. No pouring water on the rocks.

The next morning we headed down again for our complimentary breakfast buffet. Yummo! This time we set off to explore The Henry Ford Museum. There were so many interesting displays. I especially liked the newer farm display and freedom display. What a feeling to sit on the bus that Rosa Park made her historical decision to not give up her seat. It was also touching to go through the part of the display that taught about the suffrage movement. Heart breaking! I am ever so thankful to those women.

Sunday evening we arrived home a little wiser and well rested. What more could one ask for out of a weekend? If you ever get a chance to spend your weekend like this, the package is so worth it. What a bargain!


Catherine said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments! Hope you come again soon and enjoy my recipes! Happy Blogging! :)

Tracy said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!

Acadia said...

the fact that you could not pour water on the rocks blows. I bet it used to be that kind of sauna until some dope sat on the rocks and then sued the hotel.

Tina said...

Tracy - It was an awesome weekend!

Acadia - It did detract from the enjoyment a bit, and you could be on to something. :-)

Duni said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time! I love it when hotels stock nice bath products :)

Tina said...

Duni - We did, and me too! :o)


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