Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The First Time

Pat and I had the privilege of taking my niece to the Detroit Zoo for the first time. We took Jordan and Harmony, our granddaughter, this past Sunday. It was a lot of fun! We saw some animals that we haven't seen in previous trips, explored areas that were until then unexplored, and paid a small fortune to ride the train.

What is up with that anyway? Do you know it cost the four of us $12 to ride the train from the back of the zoo to the front of the zoo; a one-way trip behind the zoo with no real sites to see! It just blew my mind. When we used to take all seven of our kids it was a mere 50 cents. That was just a few years ago, really. At today's rates it would have cost us $27 for a quick ride from the back to the front of the zoo! How on earth could we have justified doing that? I guess three dollars is the new fifty-cents! Sad...

Anyway, despite my sticker shock at the cost of the train ride, we had a spectacular time. See for yourself:

Jordan and the Big Blue Dog!

Amphibiville is very interactive!

Everyone has to get their picture taken here!

She's trapped in a dino cage!

This feels great on a hot day!

The Arctic Zone is awesome!

The ice wall is C-O-L-D!

Harmony pushed Jordan for quite a while!

The prairie dogs are so cute!

These prairie dogs aren't too bad either!

Who knows what this is?

"I want to ride the zebra!"

The zebra.

Waiting for the train to leave.

The zoo was fun...

...for me too!

The train is loud!



FishHawk said...

You did real good. Her smiles say it all.

Mom said...

The "who knows" picture looks like a Hippo...

Tina said...

FishHawk - Thanks...she did have a great time!

Mom - You know your zoo animals! It is indeed a hippo.

Jude said...

What great photos and so many wonderful memories for everyone.

Tina said...

Jude - Indeed! :o)

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I love the zoo! The train is free at the Cleveland zoo. They have the ones that run to and from the parking lots and then have a couple that run inside the zoo too. The only one that costs $1 is the one that just circles around Australian Adventure.

Tina said...

Sure wish it was like that here! I can remember when it was a mere fifty cents, and that wasn't that long ago. Highway robber, train robbery, if you ask me!


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