Thursday, January 07, 2010

Just Around the Corner

We went to the first of our weekly OB visits yesterday. Doc says that her body isn't ready to deliver our little Avery yet. Praise God! I am looking forward to having him here, but I am glad to know that I have more time to finish our preparations.

I have been finding wonderful deals on things that are helping in the process of preparing our home for our new bundle of joy. Yesterday, my husband and I picked up a futon style bunk bed for our youngest son that we found through Craig's List. Rearranging his bedroom is our project for this weekend. Last weekend it was the other son's room. Tuesday, my mom helped me go through our office/music room. It was a lot of work with a lot of heavy lifting, but it delivered great reward. Tomorrow, my oldest son and I will be picking up a beautiful sleigh crib with matching changing table and a mattress that we also found on Craig's List. Avery's room is our project that will get started sometime next week.

Can you say, "sore and tired"? I am literally pooped out! I sure hope hubby and I find some time to rest and be together before we have our new addition. My birthday is tomorrow, and I was hoping to spend it relaxing. That will not be the case. I am sure glad that I took advantage of a little pocket of time that revealed itself to me yesterday and went for my free birthday burger at Ruby Tuesday's all by myself. I even had a delicious piece of blackberry cheesecake. Divine! It was a nice 45 minutes or so spent enjoying a quiet corner all by myself. I am a solitary soul, so moments like that are medicinal for me. I was replenishing.

We are praising God that our daughter and the baby are both healthy. All past concerns have been washed away. There are no medical issues to worry about. The plans are to deliver Avery naturally. Hubby and I will take responsibility for him as soon as he enters the world. It will surly be a blessed day. I'll be sure to keep you posted as things develop, lessons are learned, and pictures are taken.

Happy New Year to all!


Cinnamon-Girl Reeni♥ said...

Happy Birthday you busy bee! Hope you find some more time for relaxing today. To answer your question about the eggplant - I think it would be fine frozen - I've never done it but have heard of others freezing lasagna and dishes similar.

Tina said...

Thanks, Reeni! Sometimes I wish I could just transport myself to your kitchen. You blog is SO appetizing! I really need some recipes to put up, and I think that eggplant one is going to make the list. It looks SO yummy!


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