Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

I love a good deal!  A good deal to me is a quality product at a great price.  Free is awesome, too!  So, I thought I'd share with you some online resources that keep me coming back for more.  Take a look.  There may be something here for you.  If you have a resource you love I'd love for you to share it in the comments.  I'm always looking for something new.  Here are a few of my favorite things in no particular order:

Pout in Pink
- A Unique Boutique and Party Center

PIP is a relatively new discovery for me, and I love it!  We've got one little female in the house that benefits from my new discovery, and with the new PIP Tween line, our older female will certainly end up with an item or two for her girly self.  With my Michigan location, and their only storefronts being located in Arizona, Texas, and Minnesota, I am strictly an online customer.  They have always been kind and quick with online support.  Our little diva will get her first clothing item from PIP for Christmas, so you'll have to wait for pictures.  My favorite thing about the site is there is a nice clearance section.  You know that's always the first place I look!

Free Homeschool Deals
- Affording the Homeschool Life

This is by far my favorite homeschool resource site.  There is always an abundance of free Kindle books, and I LOVE that!  Jamerill has her site packed with resources.  Like I said before, free is awesome, and this site is LOADED with free resources for the homeschooling family.  It's a treasure trove of information just waiting to be utilized.  You will find coupons, apps, free downloads, inspiration, and more.  I am always excited to see Free Homeschool Deals come through my feed on Facebook.  It's a rare occasion that I don't click through and at least download a book or ten.


If you're a shopaholic you may want to avoid this site.  It's amazing!  I did a lot of my Christmas shopping for the kids here this year, but there is something here for everyone, and it changes ALL THE TIME.  Zulily is like an online outlet mall with all high quality items at nicely discounted prices, and sometimes there's even free shipping.  Bonus!  When you poke around the site you will find everything from kids' shoes to housewares to men's clothing to supplements to jewelry to handbags and sunglasses.  You can search the site by product, category, or size, and you can earn money by inviting friends.  This is one of the first places I look when I need a quality gift.


I love to take pictures, and the world of photo editing is rather new and exciting to me.  I am by no means a professional, but I do enjoy taking pictures.  PicMonkey makes it a whole lot more fun.  This is an online, FREE, photo editing site.  It is very simple to use.  You simply download your picture directly to the site and begin editing immediately.  PicMonkey does not store your pictures, but it is a breeze to share them instantly to social media and save them to your computer.  I have made some awesome gifts with this tool, and there is even a reasonably priced upgrade should you desire to have full access to all of the available actions.

You Version

What better way to start your day than with Bible study?  My favorite resource for this is You Version.  I have this app on my Kindle, my Smart Phone, and my laptop.  It's awesome because I can sign up for various studies, and it will keep track of my progress, allow me to catch up if I miss a day or three, and send me reminders if I want it to.  I can enjoy multiple study topics at once all in one convenient, easy to use location.  You Version makes my morning study a simple possibility when life gets hectic.

Bible App for Kids

The Bible App for Kids is a new resource recently put out by You Version.  My kids ages three to eight LOVE it!  It's like an animated story book that teaches children about the bible.  I hear my eight year old talking to friends about it and comparing how far they've gotten, and my three year old regularly asks to play her "Jesus story" on my Kindle.  It is FREE for Android.  Kids are sure to enjoy the bible stories, games, and activities.


Our favorite kid app of all time is Zoodles.  My kids, especially the younger two, LOVE this app.  They play it on my Kindle.  It's awesome because it can be completely customized for each child.  There is a paid upgrade, but we've never felt the need to purchase it for our family.  The free option is amazing all on its own.  You get age appropriate content, regular email updates, and loads of control.

Empowering Parents

This is a wonderful parenting resource.  My favorite thing about Empowering Parents is the search option on the site.  You can actually search the site for your particular parenting issue and find articles to search relevant to the issue you are trying to learn about.  I love that!  This is a wonderful resource for parents of children of all ages.

Homestead Survival

Are you interested in learning more about sustainable living, or are you a homesteader wannabe?  I am in the process of taking baby steps in this direction.  Homestead Survival is like an encyclopedia on the topics.  Here you will find interesting resources on a plethora of subjects all related to homesteading and survival.  The content is updated regularly and is always fresh.  There is SO MUCH to learn here!

I hope you enjoy poking around these sites and that you'll find something here of lasting value.  I love sharing resources, especially those of great value, and I hope you share some of your favorite things with me.



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