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KinderBach Review

Kinderbach Review

We have really been enjoying The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner in our homeschool.  The lessons are enjoyable and engaging for the whole family.  Harmony, our resident eight-year-old, has been the primary student learning through the KinderBach Online Piano Lessons.  It is simple enough for her that she actually does an entire week's lesson plan in one sitting.  Then, throughout the week she practices what she learned in the lesson.

Kinderbach Review

The fact that the lessons are broken down into such manageable pieces makes it a perfect fit for Avery and Bella, my resident three and four-year-old.  They eagerly join in the lessons with Harmony and even enjoy the worksheets.  They love learning about Dodi and her house.  It is such a simple and understandable concept for them to begin the process of getting familiar with the piano keyboard.  The simple concepts, fun approach, and short segments within each weekly lesson plan make this an enjoyable and engaging program for the whole family.

As a home educator I appreciate having the corresponding books in PDF format.  I easily download the current workbook which makes it accessible to me without having to access the website or even go online.  This makes planning and preparing for the week's lesson a breeze.  I print out the sheets all at once for the week, and we're ready to go.

Kinderbach Review

I love having this resource for my family.  It has always been part of the plan to introduce music by first using the piano.  When we moved I was very sad that we were unable to bring our piano to our new home.  It was difficult to leave behind.  Getting the kids a keyboard for Christmas this year was made even more exciting by having The KinderBach Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner available to us, and with the learning curve it is nice to be able to plug in headphones. (Of course this program works with a piano or a keyboard, but I am learning to love the portability and flexibility of a keyboard.  I think I'll get over the loss of our piano.)  Actually learning how to play the piano as opposed to just having the keyboard available for playing around has really increased the enjoyment level for my family.

Kinderbach Review

KinderBach Online Piano Lessons are an economical option.  With the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee there is nothing to loose.  There is even a Free Online Trial.  Lesson packages start at just $7.99 per month with options for all family sizes.  We've done music lessons in our home before.  The price of the online lessons is substantially more affordable, plus there is no need to leave home which involves more expense, inconvenience, and limits the ability of the student to progress at their own pace.

Kinderbach Review

I do have a basic education in regard to the piano, and I do know how to read music.  However, none of that matters with KinderBach.  There is no previous knowledge necessary on the part of the educator.  In fact it is the perfect way for anyone to learn.  Isn't that one of the perks of homeschooling?  To learn right along with your child is such a pleasure.  KinderBach is not only a great tool for music lessons, it is also a great tool for family bonding.  Learning to play the piano is a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy together.  It also provides opportunity for the older children to teach the younger children which is excellent for their own mastery as well as building confidence in their ability.  Thanks to KinderBach, playing the piano is a fun activity that family we all are enjoying at our own pace and learning level.

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