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Science4Us.com Review

Science4Us Review

Science has never been my strong point.  I find it fascinating, but I tend to get overwhelmed with the abundance of information on any given subject area within the confines of science.  Our Science4Us.com Online Subscription has eased what once was a heavy burden for me.  The age gap between the children in our home can make some things a bit challenging.  Although this is intended for elementary age children, it totally fascinates my preschoolers.  I give the assignments to the resident eight-year-old, but inevitably it attracts the attention of the three and four-year-old.

I love the ease of integrating this into our homeschool.  Everything is at your fingertips.  I simply access the course material, assign it to the student, and give her time to work.  She logs on to her personal student dashboard, locates the assignments in her lab, and sets to work.  The process is super simple, she gets to work independently, and she has fun learning.  Science4Us.com is Harmony's first choice when given the opportunity what to do first among a group of daily assignments.

Science4Us Review

The variety of lessons within each subject provides an appeal to all learning types.  The lessons are fun and engaging making learning about science an enjoyable experience.  This is a program that Harmony requests to do, and at her own pace completes an entire group of assignments in one setting.  It easily keeps her attention for an hour or more as she explores the day's subject matter.  She enjoys showing me the things she creates when the lessons involved some free expression and creativity based activity.  I like that I can review her saved work and even comment on it through my own, private log-on.  Also, the fact that it stores all of the completed work makes record keeping a breeze.  Everything I could possibly need is tracked for me with zero effort on my part.  Bonus!

Science4Us Review
My favorite thing for me personally as a home educator is the ease at which I can assign a day's work and keep track of my student's progress.  Everything is laid out for me including the subject matter covered, the time I need to allot, and any prerequisites that should have been covered before giving the assignment.  I can easily track the progress of each of my students, give support and feedback, and incorporate hands on activities if desired.  There is plenty of teacher support within the site. 

Science4Us Review

The Science4Us.com Online Subscription is an affordable resource at $7.95 per month, per student, that we are thoroughly enjoying; even those of us outside of the target age group. .  There have been several times that Bella, our resident three-year-old, has climbed on Harmony’s lap to join in the lesson. It is a fun approach to science that provides a comprehensive scientific foundation but allows room for easily expanding on the subject matter.  It is a simple approach for both learning and instructing that gives me the freedom to simply adapt it to what we are currently studying. 

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