Monday, February 10, 2014

Sometimes He Does Things

I know a guy.  His name is John, and sometimes he really does do things; big things.  He's a young guy with a big heart and wisdom beyond his years.  We could all stand to learn a thing or two from the real, as in living real lives, young people that are involved in the communities around us.  John is one of those people.  He's not afraid to try new things, face challenges head on, and help a fellow man out.  I'm quite sure he's given at least one person in this world the shirt off of his back.

John is preparing to give a little more of himself this time around.  He's actually cutting away part of who he is; stepping outside of his comfort zone.  When something touches John's heart or gets his attention in a big way he typically does a little more than just take note.  At some point John acts.  This time around he's sacrificing part of him that has been part of his identity for years.  Of course he's a little nervous, but you remember what I said about this guy, right?  He is stepping outside of his comfort zone and putting the interest of his fellow man, in this case children, before his own temporary anxious feelings.

A while ago John met a girl.  Her name is Danielle, and once she figured out he is the all around good guy he is a friendship was formed, and St. Baldrick's Foundation was the topic of conversation.  Danielle was still walking around sporting evidence of her sacrifice for this foundation investing in the interest of young children.  It got his attention.  With people of all varieties and ages being the calling of John's heart he readily committed part of himself to the cause.

So, what is this guy John going to do, you ask?

At a volunteer-organized local event John will be taking a turn in the barber chair.  His efforts of fundraising and public awareness on the topic of childhood cancer will culminate with the shaving off of his SIX INCH mohawk.  That's right.  John has been raising money over the past year to support the efforts of St. Baldwick's Foundation and will take a seat in the barber chair this March to have his crowning glory shaved clean off for a cause he believes in.

Taking note of John's example, now is a good time to reflect on your beliefs and what you stand for.  Is there something you feel passionate about?  Have you thought about it lately?  Where is your energy focused?  Are you honoring your passions, pursuing your dreams, living life with gusto, and taking action on matters important to you?  If not, maybe now is a good time for a reevaluation.  We could all use to do just that from time to time.

John Hoffman is an entrepreneur, giver of time and self, and all around good guy.  His day jobs as a Brand Developer at Project Dignity Outreach, an on-air personality at The Corner with K-Hubb, and Project Manager at Fusion Marketing Michigan keep him busy, but they don't slow him down.


ostis1 said...

So well said... you captured this special guy accurately. I am so proud and delighted to call him Friend and Brother. We can all learn by his example!!!

Tina Smith said...

Thank you for your kind words. I believe the world would truly be a better place if we all had such a heart.


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