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CTC Math 12 Month Family Plan Review

CTC Math Review
I love math!

Well, not really.  Not me anyway, but my kids do.  What a blessing that is, and what a blessing CTC Math has been to our family.  It blesses me, the "I really don't see a point to all this math" person, just as well as it does my children.  It even helps me like math just a little bit more, and that's pretty cool!  ( Don't worry!  They have NO clue that I'm not so thrilled about math.  What kind of homeschooling mom do you think I am anyway?)

It gives me pleasure to see how CTC Math and the 12 Month Family Plan has ignited a passion for math within my children.  For those of you that do not know, they are eight, four, and three.  Yes, even the three-year-old has gotten in on things a little.  She enjoys watching her siblings do their assignments, and she enjoys having them help her try her hand at the kindergarten level.  It is a bit beyond her capabilities, but it is exciting enough to engage her at least for a little bit.  With her busy, little self, that is saying a lot.

My eight-year-old, our primary focus for this review, enjoys working independently and choosing her assignments.  This detail oriented, homeschool mom would like it a little better if I could actually assign the various lessons within the program itself, but we've learned to just work with it the way it is.  On the plus side, if I had been limiting her to my ideals it would have taken much longer to discover that she knows much more about math than I realized.  It is nice that she can watch the lesson as many times as she needs to in order to completely understand the skills being taught.  She can do the assignments as many times as necessary should she be struggling with a certain aspect of things allowing her to thoroughly understand the concepts she is learning.  Another portion of the program that I just love is that you can skip skill sets and return to them later.  You don't have to go in a certain progression.  This has been especially awesome for us as the eight-year-old is not quite ready for the more abstract aspects of math.  So, we moved along and will revisit them later when the time is right.  One thing that I would enjoy is to be able to print worksheets for the kids when we are unable to be online but still want to keep up our math.  That would be an awesome addition to the program as well.  For now, we just supplement with workbooks I already had on hand, and it is working out just fine.  What do I get out of all this?  At the end of the week I get a nice little update with a summary of all she's accomplished as well as the grades she's achieved.  She even gets the opportunity to learn mastery certificates if she so desires.  It's a beautiful thing!

My four-year-old has been in love with all things math related for quite some time now and will even request to "do math" from time to time.  In the past this meant I would scramble to get him a preschool level worksheet from my stash and let him explore away.  With CTC Math things just moved to a whole new level for him.  He loves getting online and using the manipulatives on screen to learn about numbers and counting at a kindergarten level.  Who knew he could do kindergarten level math?  Not this momma!  We're just a little more relaxed when it comes to things like these, and we don't normally pay attention to grade level and things like that.  We know what we know, right?  Even though the CTC Math 12 Month Family Plan is organized by grade level and skill set, there is this same flexibility.  Despite us knowing the actual levels of the kids now, they are still arbitrary in that there is still the freedom to work at your current level no matter if it's at, above, or below grade level.  The only testing required is what you choose.  This system is designed for you to be in complete control of what you do when, and we love it for that.

Having the eight-year-old help the younger two with their math assignments further fuels her passion for math.  One of the best ways to become a master at something is to teach others.  Teaching her siblings has helped cement their bond as well as build her confidence further.  These are benefits to using this program that we didn't foresee.  Watching the kids work together to solve problems is heart warming.  They all love math now, and they love learning it together!  It will be fun to see where this leads.  I have always enjoyed watching younger children bloom more fully from the love and care of the older ones.

CTC Math for Homeschoolers covers the entire gamut from kindergarten through trigonometry.  How I would have LOVED to have had this for my older children when they were completing high school.  What a difference it would have made for all of us.  (Who knows?  Maybe I would have actually gone past geomotry and tried something a little more challenging.  Maybe I will when this next batch reaches high school.  I guess you'll just have to stick around for a few years and find out!)  I love that there is one low price for the entire family with no need to purchase separate levels.  We have full access to all levels all the time!  There are single student options as well as options for families with two or more students.  The annual family plan is affordably priced at just $118.80 for 12 months.  With what I have invested in math the various math curriculum we've used over the years I can truly appreciate the flexibility and affordability of this particular program.  It is certain to be used in our homeschool for years to come.

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Lisa M. (aka. Lisa @ Farm Fresh) said...

Thanks for your review! I would have loved a math program like this myself when I was in school! I'm not in love with math, but I tolerate it! This would have driven me to do it more!

Tina Smith said...

I feel the same way, Lisa! Glad you enjoyed it. :)


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