Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Fuzzy Water

Our family has been learning a lot of new things about living a more natural lifestyle.  We desire to be a little closer to our roots and create a more simple existence.  With that desire has come a lot of information.  It's like a tidal wave at times.  The most recent "new to us" discovery is water kefir.

I have the most amazing friends that are so willing to share their "different than mine" knowledge.  It is such a blessing to be surrounded with such passionate and caring people.  Recently, our family was struck by a stomach bug.  My poor, little guy got it the worst.  I actually stayed up the entire night with him as he vomited his way through to morning.  It was horrible.  What helped him in his recovery process?  Water kefir, and a good friend willing to share her supply.  (Hop on over to her blog, Think on These Things, to learn more about how she makes water kefir.)

What is water kefir?  Water kefir is a fermented, probiotic beverage made from kefir grains or a powdered culture.  The grains consist of bacteria and yeast existing in a symbiotic relationship.  It is packed with vitamins and is an excellent immune booster.

As my little guy went throughout the night ridding his body of fluid I had him slowly start sipping the water kefir.  At first he couldn't even keep down a sip, but within an hour  he started keeping it down for a while and was slowly able to drink more and more.  By morning the vomiting had ended, and he spent the day sipping his "fuzzy water" as he likes to call it.  It made him feel better, and it was all he needed to help him down the road to recovery.

Since then, my other two came down with the same bug, and we kicked it out using "fuzzy water".  Having the water kefir has been a tremendous blessing.  Today, we began the process of making our own.  Soon, it will be a staple in our home.  We are joining in the centuries old tradition of fermenting water and juice with kefir grains and sugar.

Another of my wonderful friends wrote a very thorough and informative series on making the best choices we can for our families in regard to food.  This is a timely topic and really provides some thought provoking as well as helpful information to help us make informed choices when we feed our families.  It gets harder and harder to feel good about the food we purchase and consume.  I am certain you will enjoy reading her series, The Switch at her blog, Where My Treasure Is.


Erica B said...

I just started growing kefir water as well! I was so happy to read your post and look into your links!

Crystal Mcclean said...

We made peach keffir water 2 summers ago, though I didn't like the over powering yeasty smell, but the kid liked it.

Brandy brockhausen said...

This looks interesting. I will have to look up yow you make it.

Tina Smith said...

Good luck in your journey, Erica!

That's interesting, Crystal. I haven't noticed a yeasty smell, but then again I am not known for having a good sense of smell.

It is quite interesting, Brandy! I love how everything has a history. We just seem to lose sight of it over the years.

Annette said...

kefir comes out differently depending on what you use to make it.

My friend uses maple syrup. I tried honey (ICK), white sugar (too sweet) and like using brown sugar.

Letting it set in the fridge for four days is yummy, on the counter it's good for 2-3 days.

Tina Smith said...

Hi, Annette! I never thought of using a liquid sweetener. However, I was aware of people using different sweeteners. We have been using sucanat since that is what my friend that taught me uses. I had considered coconut sugar, but I read some mixed reviews on its use and decided against it. We don't use much sugar in our home. Honey or syrup would both be great options. Would you still use the same measurement as dry sweetener?


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