Sunday, July 12, 2015

All Work, No Play

I've been pushing myself pretty hard the last several weeks, and it's starting to show.  June started out with two weddings, one of them for our daughter.  Then, our oldest at home ventured off to summer camp for the third year in a row.  Right after that the hubby took a week off of work to work at home.  LOL  That's life married to a work-a-holic.  We did accomplish a lot here on the homestead though.  We've got 38 chickens and four sheep now.  Our new wood shelter is just waiting to hold our winter heating fuel.  The felled tree is still begging for our attention, but the bobcat is up and running and being useful.

Now, we're in full swing for our first time participating in the 4-H fair.  We're blessed in that the St. Clair County Fairgrounds are "just around the corner."  Attending every day of the week has quickly become a family tradition.  The kids spend all year looking forward to Dollar Day, the only day they actually get to ride the rides.  There is so much to see and enjoy, and it's a much anticipated event for us.  This year Harmony will be entering her Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Pecan Drop Cookies.  I can tell you first hand that they are wonderful.  We've been her test subjects for a few months now, and we will surely miss our weekly batch of cookies after her cookies have been officially entered.  She's both excited and nervous, but who wouldn't be.

In the meantime I have been laboriously re-purposing FIVE ROOMS in our home.  Talk about a HUGE undertaking!  I'm exhausted, but does it ever feel good to finally be reclaiming our space after all the changes our family has faced these last few years.  So many people moving in and out in such a short time, adding two children to the family, and plunging head first back into homeschooling has taken a tremendous toll on the state of our home.  We've still got a lot to do, but the dust is finally settling in the rooms...thankfully!  The next big project will be going through ALL of the closets.  I say, "BRING IT!".

The major reorganization of our space will have to be put on hold for at least a couple weeks while we enjoy our 4-H week as well as the company of our Navy son before he leaves for his next deployment.  Some things are just more important than projects.

Today, we took a much needed break from all the work around here.  We slept in, listened to Pam Rossi and Sunday Morning Overeasy while cooking a big breakfast together, played a round of the old board game LIFE, relaxed a while, took the kids out for pizza, stopped by the park, and watched them play in the sprinkler.  It was a much needed remedy for two very overworked parents.

Now, the evening is coming to a close.  We introduced the kids to The Dick Van Dyke Show, and now we're watching M*A*S*H, another family tradition.  The time has come for teeth to be brushed and kids to be tucked in.  Wonder what stories they'll choose tonight.

What have you been up to this summer?  Are you looking forward to any traditional activities this year?  Have you already honored some?  We'd love to hear all about it!

For now, sweet dreams!

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