Monday, July 20, 2015

Transforming Tiaras - An eBook Review

Our 10-year-old is a self-proclaimed girly girl.  She's a reluctant farmer that tries to be a tomboy, but at heart she likes all things girly and can't find a lot of fun in getting dirty.  Transforming Tiaras: 18 Fun-filled, Bible-based, Girl-inspired Devotional Activities by Vanessa Small is right up her alley!  When we read the book together she was instantly inspired and knows exactly how she plans to use this resource.

A couple times per year she enjoys hosting a girls devotional complete with corresponding snack and activity.  Transforming Tiaras became her instant go-to resource for planning her next girls devotional gathering.  This is such a simple resource, and I love the idea behind it.  In Transforming Tiaras normal, everyday items are transformed into tangible reminders of God's love and His transforming power in our lives.

Based on Numbers 15:37-41 Transforming Tiaras takes us on a journey of discovery using inexpensive items that we likely already have around the home and transforming them with simple supplies that you will also likely already have most of in your craft stash.  Each transformation is prompted by a biblical text and a short devotion.  The girls read the text and the devotion.  Then they create their transformation and are left with a tangible reminder of the truth they learned.

Transforming Tiaras is such a simple approach to learning biblical principles.  Through these short devotions and simple spruce ups we are given the opportunity to get into our bibles with our daughters, and their friends, in a fun and hands-on way.  In the end we learn more about our Creator, more about ourselves, and gain a greater understanding of our own value to our Creator.

If you would like a simple way to share the Word of God with your daughter or granddaughter this is the perfect resource.  Transforming Tiaras can be used one-on-one, independently, or as a group study.  It can be a simple, stand-alone resource, or you can use it as a starting point for creating a fun group study.

Transforming Tiaras has earned a prominent place in our stash of resources and is sure to be consulted first and foremost whenever we need a fun activity for Sabbath afternoon, when we are planning a study with other girlfriends, or when we need an object lesson to accompany something else we're working on.  The potential of this book is limited only by your own creativity.  Why not grab your own copy via Small Publishing, and begin your own transformation?

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the Transforming Tiaras e-book from Small Publishing in exchange for my honest review and this blog post. I received no other compensation. All opinions given in this post are my own.

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