Wednesday, July 29, 2015

With Lee in Virginia - An Heirloom Audio Review

We have been so blessed by Heirloom Audio Productions.  My favorite thing about their audio dramas?  They make ME excited about history!  I grew up thinking I didn't like history.  It took me until I was nearly in my 30's to develop any real interest or enthusiasm for anything history related.  Now, I'm hooked, and I feel like I have a ton of catching up to do.  Honestly, with as much as I would love to read and learn I could spend my lifetime lost in books and barely scratch the surface.

With Lee in Virginia only serves to add fuel to my fire.  Heirloom Audio Productions is masterful in their interpretation of The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty.  The Zoo Crew has had the privilege of reviewing Under Drakes Flag and In Freedom's Cause prior to the latest release of With Lee in Virginia.  This new production certainly maintains the same high quality standard that we've grown to anticipate and enjoy.

With known artists such as Sean Astin, Kirk Cameron, and Brian Blessed as well as an expert sound effects team one cannot help but be transported to a different time and place in history reliving the event through the vivid picture that they so expertly lay before us.  I quickly get lost in the story as do my children, and they ask wonderful questions spurring great conversations between us.

We have not yet covered The Civil War in depth within our homeschool, so this is a relatively new topic for my children.  We've touched on it here and there and will get into it in more depth as they get a little older.  I am extremely excited to have this resource available to me.  The downloadable Study Guide is a tremendous resource that really takes the experience of listening to the story to an entirely new level.  The bits of history about the key players, questions to discuss that further cements what we've just heard into our memory, the questions that encourage us to think more deeply about what we are learning, the vocabulary words to define that may be new to us along with the other bits like historical pictures and recipes all work together to create a completely rounded learning experience.

With Lee in Virginia along with the accompanying Study Guide, just like the previous titles, is all one needs to easily share an actual historical event with our children.  It can be as simple as listening to and discussing the story or as in depth as completing every last bit of the Study Guide.  Other amazing bonuses include a printable copy of a famous Robert E. Lee quote, an MP3 download of the soundtrack, unlimited newsletter access, the original story eBook download, and a printable promotion poster.

Heirloom Audio and The Adventures of G.A. Henty come together in the most ideal way to both educate and excite families in the true stories of history highlighting the real Christian heroes that have gone before us.  The stories are wholesome and engaging.  It is completely evident the amount of dedication that has gone into creating these invaluable resources for us to use to educate our children for generations to come.

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