Sunday, June 11, 2006


Time seems to be of essence lately. The past two weeks or so have really brought about challenges for my husband, Pat, and I. Things are rapidly changing around here, and we seem to be digging our heels in the sand in defiance. Is there really some way to allow change and maintain our level of freedom and sanity?

With seven children and three very new grandchildren life is anything but boring. Currently, I am a mother to three unschooling "teens", Amie-16, Andrew-14 and Adrian-12. Anyone that knows anything about unschooling knows that this is by no means a "sit-down" job. I don't mean to imply that I view it as work, but it does require an exceptional amount of physical and emotional energy. As if that alone is not enough on one's plate I also care for two of our three grandbabies on a full-time basis.

Watching Harmony is a bit of a challenge, but she does not anchor me since she is VERY mobile at the ripe, young age of 10.5 months. Dustin on the other hand is proving to be somewhat challenging in my day since he is a mere two months old. This requires the planting of one's butt to an immobile surface for lengthy feedings and frequent diaper changing. Infants are "easy" since their needs are simple, but it does tend to keep one from accomplishing much at the same time.

This week will just be my second week with Dustin. The days will start earlier and last just as long. I'm sure things will come easier as he ages and we get more and more used to each other. Maybe I will get more tolerant of my late nights with Harmony and early mornings with Dustin. In the meantime, I need to make it work for everyone. It is my goal that no one gets left out in this process.

To achieve a greater sense of "harmony" for myself I am aggressively de-cluttering my home, creating creative areas in my surroundings, and trying to find creative outlets. So far I have created a "library", a creativity shelf, a sewing center is in the works, planted a productive flower and vegetable garden and a nice sitting spot outside for quiet contemplation. My environment is becoming more and more serene, something VERY difficult for me to find in my urban dwelling. My goal of creating a rural atmosphere is coming to fruition.

Despite my exhaustion I am finding myself more and more elated. The expended energy is well worth the effort given the fruits of my labor. I am learning to go with the flow and enjoy the process of self-discovery.

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