Friday, June 16, 2006


I have been reading a lot of discussion on Unschooling Basics about what a choice really is. It has me thinking a lot about the choices I make on a daily basis. Reflection is good and often therapeutic. The realization that we ALL really have a choice about most everything we do is extremely freeing. That is, IF we let the realization free us of our life learned misconceptions.

In thinking about my personal journey to unschooling I am forever finding myself thankful. At the same time I am often saddened that the people around me, outside of my immediate family, that I truly love and care about are blind to the possibilities around them. Becoming free of societal binds makes one, at least it makes me, want to spread the word to everyone I come in contact with. Unfortunately, the majority of those around us are closed minded and "brainwashed" by the ways of the world and are not capable of grasping the mere idea of total and complete freedom. It is like "we" want to be controlled. Unlearning such a thing takes a tremendous amount of dedication.

Honestly, I really do not remember how I discovered unschooling, but I am SO thankful I did. Even though I didn't become enlightened soon enough to bless all of my children with such a luxury, I am able to embrace life more fully and ultimately everyone in our family benefits. One of the key factors of the unschooling lifestyle, as I understand things, is to "teach" by example. I am elated to be able to set a much different example now than I would have had I never discovered unschooling.

I am still struggling with aspects of unschooling, not in theory, rather it is the practice that is a challenge. Sometimes it is easy to think of veteran unschoolers in an idealistic way. I have come to realize that everyone has their struggles no matter their spot in the journey. This gives me power. The knowledge that everyone makes mistakes, everyone has weaknesses and strengths, everyone needs to apologize now and again, everyone perseveres through dedication, makes the occasional speed bump easier to navigate.

Thanks to the above mentioned message board discussion I can continue to become more aware. It has become evident to me that very often we can learn MUCH more by paying attention to our own actions and feelings as opposed to keeping those around us under a microscope. What do I want to do today? Will the world come to a screeching halt if I don't do the dishes? Does it matter to me that the bathroom hasn't been cleaned all week? What about dinner? Do I need to make it? Would life be so much more terrible if the kids fended for themselves tonight? If it matters to me enough that I take care of whatever needs taking care of, well that's okay. BUT, it is definitely unfair of me to assume that others around me care as much about the things that I care about and expect them to do what I deem important. Everyone should have the freedom to decide for themselves what they hold pressing to their heart.

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