Friday, July 10, 2009

Close to the Creator

I originally wrote this post on August 5th of 2007. My sentiments remain the same, and I am sure they will for the rest of my life. I cannot wait to get back out in the rain and photograph my flowers. That is by far one of my favorite things to do.

All my life, it seems, I've had this love affair with the weather; precipitation specifically. I LOVE the snow and the rain. Where we live in the Midwest we have the luxury of experiencing all four seasons. My favorite times are when it storms, be it rain or snow.

It is currently summer, and rain has been scarce. Today we have had a few showers. I am still holding out for thunder, lightening and wind. Although, it seems doubtful that we will see anything other than the occasionally sprinkle.

Today I took my camera to the garden and photographed the flowers in the rain. What a wonderfully tranquil experience. It was like meditation. I absolutely loved the experience. I found myself lost in the moment and completely unaware of the fact that I was getting drenched.

Then, it dawned on me. I believe that part of the romance I have with the weather, rain specifically, is my connection with God. I don't know that there is any other way we can experience him so vividly. Rain is a giver of life much in the same way as our Creator. In the weather we can see Him at work. It touches me every time, and every time I long for more.

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