Thursday, March 05, 2009

Marriage Commitment Weekend

My husband and I are heading out for a weekend marriage commitment weekend. This is an annual affair held at our church camp in Grayling, Michigan. It is absolutely gorgeous. There is a large lake that has a boardwalk, a chapel in the woods, a fort, an observatory, horses, and many more fun and beautiful things.

Last year was the first weekend we attended, and we both liked it very much. So much so that we decided to go back this year. It is a little emotional, a little romantic, a little challenging, a little peaceful, a little spiritual, and a little healing. All in all it is a very worthwhile venture.

Anyway, since we will be out of town for the weekend, and we are leaving earlier than I planned, I will not have time for posting or Entrecard dropping for a few days. Next week will bring many new adventures as I return home. The boys and I are stepping out in a new direction academically. So, I am sure there will be much to share.

Everyone have a Happy Sabbath, enjoy your weekend, your time with family, and your time with God.


Arlene said...

Happy Sabbath, too Tina! I will be having a long week-end this time.

Have fun in the program.

genial said...

blogwalking here with this smile :)
success for you :)

art said...

greetings :)

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Sounds like a nice retreat! Hope you have a great time again.


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