Thursday, March 26, 2009

Keeping My Word

It seems I spend my life learning lessons. I fully accept and acknowledge that as a good thing. In order for God to be able to use us in any capacity He must refine us. It is just part of the process.

I do not know about any of you other parents out there, but I seem to learn a lot of lessons through my children. There are so many parallels that can be made in the process of raising children. For me, God seems to point out His challenges and triumphs with us as I watch my children grow and learn. It is even more evident in my struggles and challenges trying to assist them in that process.

Making mistakes is unavoidable and imperative. It is a very good thing to make a mistake. There is ALWAYS something to be learned through mistakes. We must make mistakes, and many of them, in order to become a well educated, bright, and balanced individual. Our lives will be spent making and learning from our mistakes, and the more conscious we are throughout the process the easier it goes. Have you ever noticed that we repeat things over and over again until we get it? God never gives up on us, and that is completely cool. So, if we pay attention, we may not need to repeat so many lessons. What an awesome thing it is to get it the first time!

All choices have consequences. Good choices generally have good consequences, and less than desirable choices have generally uncomfortable consequences. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, remember? We do reap what we sow whether or not it is obvious at the moment. There is just no getting around it. Absolutely 100% of our actions have consequences. Period.

This has become even more evident to me in my parenting challenges with our youngest son. He is 15 years old. I would not like to be that age again, and I am glad that he is our last to go through this right of passage. We've all been there. It is a tough age, no doubt about it. Not only is it tough to be a 15 year old. It is also challenging to parent a 15 year old. There is so much going on at that age. When we are 15 we are actively building the bridge to adulthood. We think we are grown and know all there is to know. We desire our independence. Yet, we require guidance. It takes a thoughtful and strong parent, and child, to make it through.

Based on my experience as a previous 15 year old, having raised six other children that once were also 15 years old, and my current experience with this particular 15 year old I have learned some things. There is also plenty left to learn. That is, providing that we both make it through alive!

What I am discovering now more than ever is that it is imperative for me to keep my word. It is also imperative that I assist him in keeping his. This is no time to be lax, and it is so out of my comfort zone. Do you ever just hate being the parent? I have a "daughter" mug that my mom got me years ago. Sometimes when I just want to be the "daughter" and nothing else, I make myself a cup of tea in that mug. It sounds silly, but it really is soothing. There is nothing wrong with make believe especially when you are an overworked, under paid, full grown human being. Sometimes we just need an out, and that is a simple passage.

Today, I take a stand. I take a stand for my word. I take a stand as a parent and life guide. Today, I honor my obligation to myself, my son, and my God. I cannot say I am thrilled about it, but there is peace in knowing that I am choosing to do right, and good consequences will follow for myself as well as others. That is something that we sometimes fail to consider. What are the ramifications of my actions for not just myself, but also for others? This is something well worth thinking about. Take a moment to ponder for yourself.


Shu Fen said...

wow great insights ^^ it's so true! :D

Tina said...

Shu Fen - Just to update, I did exactly what I said in my post, and the results were amazing! Sometimes we think we are keeping the peace by not doing what we know we need to as to not upset the other person. In actuality we are making more problems or bigger problems out of something that really was no big deal initially. It really does pay to have peace in knowing you are doing what is right!


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