Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A New Trail to Blaze

For those of you that have spent any time here over the past year my health struggles are no news flash. You know that I have had endometriosis that has been suppressed via chiropractic care. You know that I have a bum shoulder, an ongoing battle with my weight, struggles with fatigue and depression, a cancer scare, and a new confrontation with perimenopause. Any time spent here would have told you that I do not fancy traditional Western Medicine, rather I opt for the alternatives like chiropractic, massaget therapy, prayer, and homeopothy.

The current challenges being fatigue and perimenopause sent me on a journey of discovery that is slowly unfolding at my feet. With my husband's encouragement, silly guy doesn't like a tired and whacky wife everyday, I have sought out a remedy to my most demanding ailments. Thanks to a friend I was referred to a homeopath in my homestate, not my hometown...unfortunately. However, fortunately, she does phone consultations. A little over a week ago I spent two hours on the phone divulging my entire health history to the best of my ability along with my entire immediate family history. She got the full scoop and then some. We hung up, and I awaited her call to learn the recommended remedy.

The call came quicker than anticipated, and I had the recommendation. Sepia 1lm in alcohol suspension once per day until I either start feeling better or agitated. Of course, for me, it was agitation. Aren't I lucky? I really do dislike that feeling, and it was an immediate reminder of struggles past. Unfortunately, part of the curative process involves old issues resurfacing just to remind you of your struggles. Doesn't that sound fun? Don't fret. I was encouraged by her reassurance that any old issues that I may have to face will not be so intense that I will not be able to handle the.

Well, since I began experiencing agitation Friday into Saturday, I did not take the remedy on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. The new project is to determine when I need the remedy and administer it on an as needed basis. My relationship with this remedy will more than likely be a long one. Since it is a curitive process, it is not something that will remedy itself overnight. Why is it that we spend a lifetime destroying ourselves, and we expect to be rebalanced and cured to a like new state overnight? It really is silly when you think about it. Don't you think?

The process of chiropractic is the same concept. I find it entertaining when people say to me, "I don't want to go to the chiropractor, because you always have to keep going back." Well, duh! How on earth can you spend 30 or more years disrupting your body and training it to be out of alignment and expect that one or two adjustments are going to pop it back to normal? It makes absolutely no sense at all. Trying to rebalance one's body is exactly the same concept. Getting things back to a desirable state will likely take years, and I am cool with that. I look forward to the progress.

I am sure there will be plenty to learn along the way, and I will be sure to share. In the meantime I am going to figure out how I will know when to take my remedy and when to take a break. Provided this goes well for me, I plan to have the same thing done for my husband and my boys. What a blessing this could be for all of us. If any of you have any experience with this sort of thing I would love to learn of your journey as well.

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