Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Be Like Salt

As part of our Pathfinder and Adventurer Investiture tonight I heard a great sermon that was directed toward the youth on how Jesus did not call us Christians. He called us salt. Honestly, I have heard this before, but there was something about the way it was presented that really made the implications of such a title sink in for me.

Salt is SO very important in life. Just think about its many uses. How do you compare to salt? Do you complement the situations you are added to, or do you overpower? Maybe you aren't involved enough leaving room for more seasoning.

It was pointed out that salt is supportive through an object lesson with two mason jars and an egg. The question was posed, "Do eggs float or sink in water?" The answers were mixed. However, the result was clear. Eggs sink in water. BUT, what happens when salt is added to the water? You guessed it. The egg floats! That is SO symbolic of what Christ intended for us to be in the world.

We are called upon to make a difference. It is our duty to be helpful, dedicated servants that make a positive impact in the world. We are not to be overpowering. Neither are we to be too laid back. Salt is perfect in just the right amount. It is our duty to find that perfect place and do our best to make a difference without expecting something in return. I think there are many of us that have a problem with that last part. As humans we often want credit for the good things we have done. We desire recognition. God is our cheerleader, and that should be all we need. Seriously, if God is at our side what else could we possibly require?

When you do something, anything, do you give it your all? Are you making a good impression or a not so good impression? Do you give it any thought at all? As it was pointed out on more than one occasion, and I'm sure you've heard it before, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you call yourself a Christian, then it is your duty to make a positive impression on those that you come in contact with. You are a representative of Christ. Are you making Him look good? Do you instill a thirst in others for the living water?

Give it some thought. Could you be doing more? Are you too pushy? Where do you need to adjust your seasoning level? Maybe you are spot on. Praise God!

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