Friday, May 22, 2009

The Way of Women

Another trip down memory lane; this was originally written on August 23, 2006, and it still stands true for me today. I'm not sure who these women are, but they sure look like they're having fun. Hope you enjoy:

Back in the day women knew how to survive. Women knew how to be supportive of each other and fed the fire of community. Families knew each other. They cared about the success and survival of those they shared common space with. I don't mean sharing property or actual living space. I mean the community itself. The connection was seen between their lives. A woman's world stretched past her front stoop.

With advancements in technology and Women's Liberation, as women, we have managed to shoot ourselves in the foot. The art of our lives has become endangered. A certain confidence and security has been lost. Rather than struggle in the chaotic, over extended lives we have managed to create for ourselves it is our duty, if to no one but ourselves, to change the direction of our lives.

In the above spirit I have made that decision, very consciously I might add. I have learned to ask for help and even pay for it if need be. I have learned to actively seek out the desires of my heart. I have learned to find and honor my spirit. I have learned to connect, really connect, with the women around me. I have learned to better manage my time with my best interest at heart. I have learned that there is always a curve to learning. I have learned to be diligent and patient with myself.

Please do not misunderstand me. The above things are positive. By no means is anyone suffering because I want to be the true and real me, the best me that I can be. When we are honest with ourselves we will understand that our loved ones, our community and our health can only benefit from sincerity. What better example to set for our families, communities and anyone we may come into contact with? One need not feel guilty for finding a way to truely live.

Be true. Be real. Be sincere. Be happy. Really be.


Lenox Knits said...

What a truly inspiring post. Thanks for bringing it back up. Those are things we all need to hear and I will take them to heart today.

Tina said...

So glad you were inspired! Enjoy your day and your weekend.

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

A wonderful post and so true!!
We have to understand and care for ourselves or we can't do the same for others. Understanding is the key.

Tina said...

If only we could all learn that early in life. What a difference it would make.

Dorothy L said...

This post is awesome...I cannot believe I have missed it.
The empowerment of our own selves is so important no matter which century we are in.

I have added your link to my blog roll:)

Have a very nice day!

Tina said...

Dorothy - Thank you SO MUCH!


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