Friday, August 14, 2009

Matt Landry - UPDATE

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - They're in shock. Family and friends of Matthew Landry are devastated by the discovery of what's believed to be his body in a burned-out house. There won't be positive identification until tomorrow, but Matt's loved ones already seem to know the heartbreaking truth.


Family members are understandably so heartbroken tonight that Matt is gone, that the 21-year-old who loved his family, his friends, music and hockey was taken from them in the most unexpected and violent way.

He disappeared on Sunday. Witnesses say they saw him being carjacked and today the body of a young man, believed to be Matt, was found in a burned-out Detroit home, shot in the head. The prime suspect is 17-year-old Ihab Masalmani. Matt's family has a wide range of emotions towards him.

As Matt's mom and dad and sisters and brothers and other relatives wait for formal and positive identification, they're doing a lot of remembering Thursday night; a lot of crying, but even some laughing. They say Matt was a wonderful young man who always made them smile.

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Shinade aka Jackie said...

It is such sad news. The world has truly become so violent and filled with so much evil.

God is definitely a patient being! My prayers go out to this young man's family!!


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