Monday, August 24, 2009

Photo Journal

I took these pictures over a week ago with the intention of sharing here. However, with the Matt Landry incident and other things going on in our life it just didn't work out that way initially. Some time has passed now, but I am managing to get on track again. Adrian, Harmony and I set out to weed the garden. Well, this was how Harmony helped:

Talk about having a monkey on your back!

Then she basked poolside!

Adrian getting rid of the weeds.

My coneflowers are amazing!
They are the size of kidding!

I love the way the sweet peas look against the fence.

The white roses are lovely again this year.

I have all kinds of sunflowers. This one is an heirloom.

Vegetables are few this year. This is a summer squash.

I believe this to be cucumber.

My poor tomato plants! I am used to them being taller than me.

The only produce I can find in the garden!

What's the story morning glory?

Rose of Sharon.

Jordan helps Great-Grandpa open his gifts.

Grandma and Grandpa look at the photo book made for his 77th!


sandy said...

DARLING pictures, particularly your helper. lol Love the flowers.


Stacie said...

It has been a dry and cool year here so the vegetable garden here didn't do well. In fact my strawberries didn't even bloom this year. How sad. I did notice some purple flowers on my bean plant that Dakota planted.

redkathy said...

I love sunflowers... Yours is gorgeous! Wish I could grow them. (I tried this year with no luck) Your photos will be treasures one day!

Tina said...

Sandy - Thanks! She is a charmer, isn't she?

Stacie - I've been hearing that a lot lately. Thank God for Farmer's Markets and Grocery Stores, or my family would be very hungry!

rekathy - Thanks! I have a bunch in front of the new porch that are real pretty too. The birds planted those ones! I planted a bunch of heirloom seeds including sunflowers that did not come up, too. It's SO frustrating!

Steve said...

I like the morning glory and hibiscus ones. It must be so nice to have a true garden. I had a big container garden at my last place, now I just have some cactus cuttings in little pots. It's less exciting and the pictures aren't as good as yours.

Tina said...

Steve - Thanks for the compliment! It reminds me that we should always be appreciative of what we have. I've been lamenting the fact that I've got no vegetables and not much of a yard. BUT, I DO have enough room for a small garden, and I DO have beautiful flowers. Praise God!

vange said...

I like the look of Grandpa!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Love the picture of Harmony helping and the one of the grandparents is precious! Looks like Adrian was actually a good helper there! Your flowers are beautiful by the way!

Tina said...

Karen - Thanks! Yes, Adrian is always a great helper in the garden. He's been out there with me ever since he was Harmony's age. However, he's always helped a little more than Harmony!LOL said...

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thanks..nice blog...
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Tina said...

Rose - Thanks for stopping by. I'll head your way now. I've been out of town. Have a great week!

Tracy said...

You've got some great pics here. Some lovely close ups of the plants and flowers. My favorite is the one with the darling on your back!

Tina said...

Thank you, Tracy!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

What a wonderful series of shots! i never am very good at knowing the official name of most of my flowers.

I only them by very old names that my mother used.

For instance, the coneheads, we call black eyed suzies and they are one of my all time favorites.

I love to see them growing in a field.

These are really great! Thanks for the share!

Tina said...

Jackie - There is actually a difference between Coneflowers and Blackeyed Susans. People mistake them all the time. I used to have a bunch of Purple Coneflowers, too, but I do not know what happened to them. I think that's what I get for giving away my flowers before they bloom!


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