Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rising to the Challenge

We are independent business owners.  My husband is the owner-operator of a small transmission business in Roseville, MI.  As most of you are aware, I am sure, the climate for small business owners has dramatically changed over the past few years.  It has become progressively challenging to generate a livable income, especially for automotive repair related businesses.  In the process of reevaluating our approach to marketing our business we have done a lot of brainstorming.  It all boils down to social media.  Our business is lacking presence in the most popular form of communication and sharing of information in today's online culture.  When is the last time you referred to your printed telephone book that gets dropped on your front step once a year?  Exactly!  (Mine goes directly to the burn barrel.)

Acknowledging our lack of online presence, coupled with our lack of knowledge in the most efficient approach to generating this online presence, we contacted a friend in the business; the marketing business.  We hired Fusion Marketing to help us make this transition from paper to technology a more smooth one.  Part of the process will include writing short articles about our line of business to be published in relation to our business; AKA content.  We have discussed the generation of content several times.  The fact that I could write content if only he told me what subjects to write about came up once again.

Now enter the challenge!

My husband challenged me to write 150 words or more on the subject of transmission coolers, something I know nothing about.  What do you think?  Did I rise to the challenge?

Here is the article I wrote:

Keep it Cool – Extending the Life of Your Transmission

Is your vehicle a workhorse?  Do you frequently tow heavy loads?  Are you aware of just what the role of your transmission is in the performance of your vehicle?  The job of the transmission is to regulate the RPM’s (Rotations Per Minute) produced by your engine and transmit the power created by those RPM’s to the drive wheels.  In the process of regulating and transmitting this energy the transmission relies of transmission fluid (a slippery, oil-like fluid) to help keep it cool.  When a vehicle works extra hard temperatures can exceed the maximum range of 160-200 degrees Fahrenheit.  Extremely hot temperatures can cause the fluid to burn and even damage the moving parts of the transmission resulting in the need for costly repairs.

Installing a transmission cooler can help protect against the overheating of your transmission, help your transmission to last longer, and even possibly prevent the need for you to pay for costly repairs.  Much goes into choosing the proper cooler for your vehicle.  Your transmission technician can help you determine which cooler will be most beneficial for your vehicle based on specific criteria like the weight of your vehicle, the weight of your cargo, and the weight of your trailer as well as where you most often travel with your vehicle while towing all that weight around.

In addition to the above considerations, your transmission technician will also determine the proper placement of your transmission cooler.  The engine housing does not provide a specific compartment for the transmission cooler, but proper placement is key in gaining the most benefit from the installation of the cooler.  Heavy airflow is required as well as protection from rocks and other projectiles that may be launched up from the road surface.  Proper inlet and outlet hoses also must be installed carefully as to avoid contact with hot surfaces as well as moving parts.

With over 30 years of experience the transmission professionals at Royal Transmission, LLC will gladly discuss your specific needs and help you make sure your transmission is properly cooled in order to prevent inconvenient interruptions to your work day and avoid costly repairs.  You can contact them at 586-776-4470 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday to arrange an appointment for your transmission check-up.

379 Words - Mission accomplished!

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