Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Miniature Earth Project

On May 29, 1990, Donella Meadows wrote the original text for the "State of the Village Report" that originated this web movie. Sadly she passed away in February of 2000. Her ideas and projects are carried on through Donella's Foundation at Sustainability Institute.

In this film the population of the world is reduced to 100 people making it easier to understand the differences in the world. The text has been modified and the statistics have been updated using specialized reports and publications to reflect as accurately as possible the current population of the world.

This is a very short film with a very big message. Please take the time to view this film. You will not be disappointed. To read the original text please click here.

1 comment:

BK said...

This is an interesting video. I have it on my blog some times back. It sorts of put everything into better perspective and suddenly things ain't as bad as it seems for most.


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