Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Transition in Life

In I Corinthians John espouses the benefits of remaining single. Did you know that being single and childless was my original plan for my life? I actually did have a plan one day, way back when. It involved staying single, remaining childless, joining the Peace Corps, becoming a photographer for National Geographic, and traveling the world exploring and doing good for others. What a life, eh?

Being single really does have it's benefits, and reading I Corinthians is a good idea for any young person still searching or any adult that either by choice, or chance finds themselves leading the life of a single person. Should a person find it a viable option, remaining single can open oneself up for tremendous potential. Can you imagine the freedom?

I think singleness is really what we are dreaming of when we imagine as a child growing up and becoming an independent young person. Aren't we really just looking to do what we want when we want to? A committed relationship of any sort really does change the entire dynamics of what we might imagine freedom to be. When it boils right down to it anything is more difficult the more we have to consider the feelings of others. Our desires and ambitions may even be halted all together. How does this change our relationship with God and our ability to serve Him?

As an imperfect being we are masters of complicating just about everything. For any of you that have followed this blog even for the past few months you will know that I have my hands full, to put it mildly, with children, grandchildren, a husband, homeschooling, pets, friends, church responsibilities, family obligations, and on and on. On top of this I had a health scare which, praise God, turned out well, and I seem to be in perimenopause. Doesn't that just sound fun? The perimenopause really does add a level of complication to keeping all of my hats on my head that even a master circus performer would struggle with.

What does one do when we do not take experienced advise like that given in the Bible and choose to complicate our lives further? I watch my girls, all FIVE of them, do this on a regular basis. Unfortunately for my children, I connected with God later in life. Therefore our first batch was raised by two very different parents than our second batch. (Any of you that have large families know exactly what I am talking about.) It took me quite a while to grow up, learn who I am, and determine a positive way to approach everything life related. Our home and our children are so different now than what we knew say eight years ago. It's a different world in so many ways.

Now that I have found the Bible and all the treasures it holds it is difficult to impart on my twenty-something daughters. We struggle to connect with them and establish healthy boundaries at the same time. If I did not have my Bible, my church family and those that went before me to share their wisdom I do not know how I would even function. I think it is so sad that this passage of knowledge between generations is lost in our culture. The level of disrespect of our fellow man seems to grow with each generation. It truly does sadden me.

On more than one occasion it has been said that I am naive. I can see it myself in certain circumstances. I do most always see the good in people which often blinds me to things that would be helpful to notice. Thankfully my husband is great at seeing things for what they are and catching details that are invisible to me. We balance each other out wonderfully in that department.

I seem to be in yet another of life's transitions. On the good side that indicates growth and maturity. On the flip side it inflicts emotional discomfort and exhaustion. I am thankful for my relationship with God. Life would have been a lot easier if I had actually studied my Bible when I was younger and had I listened more closely to those that went before me. Now I hunger for knowledge and find valuable guidance in the Word of God and my friends and family that have a few years experience on me. They are both valuable resources that I am forever grateful for having.

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