Thursday, April 23, 2009

Preparing for VBS

Well, I'm off to Camp Au Sale again for another fun filled weekend of education and connection. This will be my second year as VBS Coordinator for our church. This year's theme is Bible Mystery Investigation. That's about all I know about it right now.

This will be my first time attending the VBS weekend, and I am looking forward to the experience. It is my understanding that many ideas are exchanged there, and I will head home with the curriculum and some tools to get me started.

I really need to get on the ball. Our VBS program is slotted for the last week in July. I am sure many of you know that three months fly by in the normal course of life, let alone when you have a pressing deadline. Before you know it we will be in the thick of things with the kids.

What I am most interested in is learning how to effectively promote our VBS program. We are a very urban church, but our congregation is aging. We do not have many youth in our church, so we really need to reach out to the community. The youth seem to really be becoming a focus of mine. Where are we without them? They are essential, and we could use more.

Do any of you have experience in this department? Is there anything you can share about bringing more families into the church? What about marketing your VBS program to the community in a fun and inviting way? I'd love to learn from your experience.

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