Friday, May 22, 2015

Books Off Our Shelves

We always have numerous books going at once around here.  I can't help but be in the middle of a half dozen or so myself.  Then, there are the chapter books we read together.  There are bedtime stories; a chapter book for the older one, and story books for the two young ones.  There are readers, e-books, and bible studies.  We read magazines, webistes, nook books, cookbooks, and free kindle books.  Here is where we have our noses poked right now:

As a family we are reading the following:

The Adventure Bible - The kids and I love this version of the bible.  Harmony has had it a couple years now, and it is a wonderful resource.  It's easy to use, is packed with lots of extras, and has many learning resources and activities to add to the experience of reading and understanding the bible.

Devotions for Kids - This is year two of using this devotion each morning.  The kids love it, and the lessons are timeless.  It's a wonderful way to start the day!

How to Train Your Dragon Series:  Book Four - Avery and I LOVE this series.  We first got hooked on the movies.  Then, I went on a quest to find the books.  It was a tad challenging, but we were sure excited when our "Queen's Mail" arrived on the porch!

With Harmony I am reading:

American Girl Meet Kaya Series:  Book Four - Kaya is our first American Girl experience, and is sure is a good one!  We started this series with a nice group of girls in our homeschool group.  One of the moms heads up a book club, and Harmony just loves it.  Even the little kids enjoy participating.  I very much enjoy reading these books with her and find myself wanting to read more as to not have to wait to learn what happens next.  Very well written!

The Chronicles of Narnia - This is a timeless classic for me.  I still remember reading this as a young girl.  Unfortunately, we've seen the movie a few times, so it's not as interesting to Harmony.  She already knows what is going to happen.  However, I am enjoying the repeat experience.

My personal stack of books includes:

Motivate Your Child ACTION PLAN - I did a review on this book just this week.  It's a wonderful resource, and I am enjoying the continued experience of working my way through it.

October Suite - I just began this novel, and already I am hooked.  Honestly, I'd rather be reading it right now than doing anything else.  I cannot wait for my chores to be done so that I can poke my nose back between the pages.

Jesus Lives - I received a beautiful copy of this book from my mom a while back.  Slowly but surely I am making my way through the pages.  Normally, I read it each morning with my devotions, and it is very uplifting.

Days of Praise - Another facet of my morning devotion time.  This is a wonderful FREE resource that I receive in the mail each quarter.

Some of our favorite bedtime stories recently include:

Aladdin - This is the first book that I've read with Bella that requires a bookmark.  That's always a fun milestone for me.  We are reading a few pages each night at bedtime, and she is really enjoying it.  The large, colorful pictures are fun to look at, and each page only contains a paragraph or so making it easy to keep the attention of such a young one.

Little Critter Book Collection - I have a fondness for Little Critter books.  I can still remember my mom reading them to my brother when he was young.  Now, Avery is enjoying them very much.  He goes through streaks, and right now this collection is his most requested for bedtime stories.  We have read several recently.

Snuggle Puppy - What can I say?  Sandra Boynton ROCKS!  We love her books, and her music.  This book is a wonderful combination of both, and Avery loves it when I sing it to him at night.  What a fun way to end the evening!

The Going to Bed Book - More Sandra Boynton!  This is Bella's favorite bedtime story.  She knows most of it by heart now and enjoys "reading" it to me.

Guess How Much I Love You - When I became Avery's mom I spent a lot of time in a haze.  Going from normal life to new mother with no transition time took me longer to adjust to than most.  I cannot tell you how many times (at least 100's) I read him this book.  I love the story, and I didn't have to think.  I read it to him a few times a day for at least the first six months of his life.  After I could see clearly we moved on to other stories, but this was the perfect book to read to him over and over.  I still read it to him regularly.  We both enjoy it very much!

So...what are you reading?  We'd love for you to share what books have found their way off your shelves and into your hands.  Do share!


Gena at said...

I didn't know there were other how to train your Dragon books!

Leah Courtney said...

I'm always in the middle of quite a few books myself, so I love seeing what others are reading.

Kayla Arrowood said...

I love seeing what others are reading, we simply love the little critter books right now too!

Nicole @ Some Call It Natural said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing! I am such a bad example for my kids. I rarely read on my own. My husband reads all the time though, so at least they see him reading! We have the How to Train Your Dragon series at our library. I got the first one for my 11 year old son (whom hates reading) and he was uninterested. Maybe I should try it again as a read aloud. Right now, as a read aloud, we are reading all the Munford books. If you haven't heard of them, you have to look into it! Our kids LOVE them. And I read them to 4th graders at our enrichment/tutorial and they were always excited to get done with their work so we had time for Munford!

annette @ a net in time said...

Guess how much I love you has been read often in our house too. :)

some good books you are reading lately. :)


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