Friday, May 08, 2015

SEA LIFE Aquarium Field Trip

Our local home school group organized an awesome field trip to SEA LIFE Aquarium in Auburn Hills, MI.  This was especially exciting for my crew as it was the first "real" field trip we've taken, and daddy got to tag along.  It was an exciting day.  Not all things went as planned, but we all enjoyed the aquarium VERY MUCH.  We'd love to visit again for sure.  Take a peek at the fun we had:

Just seeing this got the kids excited!

This is just part of our group waiting to go inside.

Each area had a sign like this
to educate you on a specific topic.

The kids loved that they could actually get "inside" the tanks!

A little hands on area is always a huge bonus!

So many fascinating fish to observe!

The walk through tunnel was my favorite part.

Avery and his buddy, Seany.
He was like his personal tour guide.

The jellyfish area was fun with its changing colors.

This girl was all over the place.
Can you tell?

Harmony turning red with the jellyfish!

Silly kids!

Observing the sea life.

Part of the group of buddies!
We all had a wonderful time and definitely look forward to going back again.  There are so many possibilities for learning and discovery.  What a wonderful resource to have in our state, and it's only an hour drive from our home - all country too!  That's a bonus for me.  It's only a matter of time before we go back again.

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