Friday, October 17, 2008

Back to Meniere's Disease!

Well, I visited my ENT doctor for a follow-up after the MRI. He rechecked my ear by looking in it and re-doing the hearing test. Everything was the same, of course, and the MRI showed no tumors or nerve damage.

So, guess what he diagnosed it as? You got it, smart one! Meniere's Disease, just like I already knew. Of course, he prescribed diuretics and a low-salt diet. Well, I don't plan to get the prescription filled, and I already eat a low-salt diet. Oh well. At least I know for 100% certainty that I do not have tumors, and I do not have nerve damage. I have the $800 test to prove it, too!

Monday, I am going to follow up with my chiropractor and go over the MRI report with them. There are some things listed that I have questions about, so I'll see what they have to say on the subject. I also will be having the anointing done by the church elders very soon. Should it not be God's timing or will for my ear to be healed I am perfectly okay with that and ready to accept the fact that I cannot hear out of one ear.

However, as a responsible caregiver for my body I plan to pursue alternative care to reestablish wellness and harmony within my body. Obviously something is out of whack. Even if I do not regain my hearing, I can improve my overall health. I'll be sure to share what I learn through this process so that it may inform and educate those of you that may benefit from my experiences.

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