Friday, October 10, 2008


I visited the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor this past Monday. He reviewed my symptoms and gave me a hearing test. I did so poorly on the hearing test that he does not think I have Meinier's Disease. Apparently with Meinier's Disease one would expect there to be a different hearing pattern. I pretty much am completely deaf in my right ear.

Today will mark a full five weeks that I have been without hearing in my right ear. It is amazing how our body compensates, and quickly. When I first lost the hearing in my right ear it was very difficult for me to hear. For instance, I normally watch television with the volume between 12 and 15 depending on the situation. After losing my hearing in my right ear I was watching it at about 18 or so. Now that time is passed, I am back to watching it at my normal level. Also, I hear more things on my left side than I used to without the right ear. As an example, it drives me crazy to hear the person chewing beside me. Apparently with both ears it is not as noticeable, but now with just the one ear focusing in on the information it is much more apparent. Although, conversation in the car with the window even cracked is pretty much impossible if I am the one driving.

So, based on the doctor's theory that I may not have Meinier's Disease and my non-response to the nerve test, he ordered an MRI. I will be going to have that done on this coming Monday. Since we do not have insurance I will be paying $800 cash at the time of the visit. It's a big bite out of the budget, and I am thankful to God that we were able to come up with it. If things were any more tight I do not know how we would have done it. Friday I will follow up with the E.N.T. doctor and get his interpretation. The purpose of the MRI is to rule out nerve damage and tumors. I really pray I do not have a tumor, although I am not inclined to think that is the problem.

It was suggested by a very respected person at our church that I may like an anointing. I am going to read up on it. I will likely have it done sometime soon. Has anyone else reading here ever experienced such a practice? I would love to hear your stories.


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Being anointed with oil by the church elders/deacons is Biblical. This practice is explained in James 5 and although I personally haven't experienced, our church does it so have seen others anointed. It can't hurt and by doing it, you would be obeying God's Word.

guy from europe said...


Just wanted to write to you that I have had those symptoms too, but after the doctor examined me, I was decleared 100% well.

My Meniere Disease symptoms came after I ate too much sugar during a 6 hour period (trust me, won't happen again!!!)....

I hope you're doing good. It can get better. Have faith and belive that you are well and you can end up being well no matter what anyway says.

Good health.


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